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Wanted! Contestants for Irish Quiz Show!

RTÉ is launching a new quiz show that will be recorded on September 4th as part of the network’s “format farm” season. The producers over at Vision Independent Productions got in touch with me and let me know that they are looking for contestants for Division. I’m always glad to help Irish film and television, so the full text and details are below. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win a €5,000 holiday, drop them a line at the contact details below. Or visit the website.

If you do decide to enter, best of luck!

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Who the Meme! Seven Movie Questions About Moi!

Hey, I’ve been tagged by the always fantastic Aidan at Cut the Crap Movie Reviews to take part in a little movie-meme-related madness. This time it’s an interview-style questionaire. Can I phone a friend?

Over dramatic? Moi? Never!

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Meme of the Moment: Ten Movie Facts About Me…

Castor over at Anomolous Materials tagged me for the latest internet blogging meme. Basically it asks me to share ten bit of movie trivia about me and then to pass it on. I can’t promise this will be interesting, but here we go…

Darren thinking up movie trivia. Simpson-ness may have been exaggerated.

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Oceanic Airlines, We Salute You…

Lost returned to Sky One recently, for its sixth and final mind-bending season. In the fourth season it was flash-forwards, in the fifth season it was time travel and this year it looks like it’s alternate dimensions. In fact, this season opens with an alternate universe where the Oceanic 815 flight from Sydney never crashed. Yes, there exists a timeline where an Oceanic Airlines flight made it from one side of the world to another. I’m a big fan of linking seemingly disconnected threads from various strands of fiction together – like postulating that Fight Club is a sequel to Calvin & Hobbes – so I was quite impressed to learn that Oceanic Airlines have a long and varied history of aviation disasters across any number of movies and television shows.

Note that flying that low over London is incredibly dangerous... and perfectly in keeping with oceanic's standards of safety...

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