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Meme of the Moment: Ten Movie Facts About Me…

Castor over at Anomolous Materials tagged me for the latest internet blogging meme. Basically it asks me to share ten bit of movie trivia about me and then to pass it on. I can’t promise this will be interesting, but here we go…

Darren thinking up movie trivia. Simpson-ness may have been exaggerated.

Without further ado here are ten movie-related facts about me:

  • I binge-buy DVDs on-line. Mostly around payday. Sometimes half-a-year in advance (c’mon Lost: Season 6!). Then I live on rations for the rest of the month.
  • The first movie I remember seeing in the cinema over in Ghana was Richie Rich. In my defense, even at the age of around six or seven, I didn’t think it was very good.
  • I once pitched an Irish drama television show to RTE. As it isn’t on the air, you’ve probably correctly figured it went nowhere, but I did get a nice letter back. I’ve also written an unpublished novel. But it’s pretty terrible.
  • The best movie-related memories I have come from a young age, staying up with my grandad and watching movies I wasn’t supposed to at that age. The movies weren’t great (The Serpent and the Rainbow, for example, or Prince of Darkness), but I think it informed a lot of my love of movies and cinema.
  • I have a mancrush on Christopher Walken. But apparently I do a good impression of him. But I might be out of practice.
  • I have the most wonderfully in-touch better half when it comes to my love of movies. For example, she got my three of the four film posters on my bedroom wall – Brazil, Metropolis and Grindhouse. The fourth is the Rorschach variation of the Watchmen poster. The fact it’s the only one she didn’t get me is not a coincidence.
  • The child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang still gives me nightmares.
  • I enjoy movies as a communal experience – I typically watch with my nuclear family on Friday and Saturday, with my aunt and uncle at least once a week and with my girlfriend maybe once a week. I love Christmas movies, because – even if they’re a bit crap – we all watch them together and get to take the mickey out of them.
  • I didn’t think The Shawshank Redemption was ‘all that’. Shhhh! The true movie geeks will kill me!
  • I’ve actually read The Godfather and Jaws. There was a lot more sex in both books, from what I recall. My parents once let my twelve-year-old self read American Psycho because there was no way I was seeing the film. I’ve blocked most of it from my memory. I was too young to get that most of it was satire.

And now I tag five others:

  • MCarter at the Movies: Because dear M. is always fascinating
  • The Rosses: And no skimping and doing five each! I’m spending two spaces on you guys.
  • Niall at Scannain: Maybe I should tag him at Lost in La Mancha as that’s his person blog, but I’m doing it my way.
  • Olive: She always has an interesting insight or two to make.

12 Responses

  1. I can smeeeeeeeeeeeeeell them.

    I think it’s a crime that my husband still hasn’t seem Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I still really enjoy watching it and that Prince/Michael Jackson hybrid child-catcher is still pretty terrifying.


  2. Jaws is a good book, but I’m not fan of the film really.

    I absolutely get you on binge buying DVDs.

  3. Love the Grindhouse posters… I have the 3 minis they handed out at Comic-Con the day before Rob Rod and QT came for an autograph signing at the NECA Booth. One of Machine Gun Girl, one of the Dcotor with her needle and one featuring the car from Death Proof. My wife just made me take them down, after 3 years in our kitchen, because they were scaring my kids little friends. They have been replaced with the new Star Trek character posters.

  4. Christopher Walken is the man! He has been in so many movies (good and bad)

  5. Christopher Walken = Win

    Those are awesome posters, especially Brazil.

    I don’t really get Shawshank either. It’s certainly not bad, but I don’t get the big deal.

  6. Not a big fan of Shawshank Redemption, shame on you! (just joking)
    Liked it too, but it wouldn’t be one of my favourite films or anything.
    And Christopher Walken is probably one of the coolest guys on the planet.

  7. I hate you!!! Oh and I like Shawshank.

  8. Good lord, my girlfriend read American Psycho last year and she’s still shaking that off. You were one tough kid.

    • I still occasionally have flashbacks and wake up in a cold sweat – that chapter about the beauty of Phil Collins gives me nightmares.

      No, there is some freaky-ass stuff in there – and I only finished it because if I didn’t, I’d imagine what those remaining pages contained. And THAT would mess me up.

  9. It’s so awesome having a significant other who loves film as much as I do. Of course she’s seen a lot more b&w films than I have.

  10. Hahha I’m at least your glad you can admit that Richie Rich even sucked for a kid at age 6. Check out my list here: http://dtmmr.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/my-top-ten-movie-facts/

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