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Star Trek: The Next Generation (Reviews)

An index of our reviews of the cult classic Star Trek spin-off, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Once we’ve finished the run through, we might come back and add a series overview.

Season 1

September 28, 1987 – May 16, 1988


Season 2

November 21, 1988 – July 17, 1989


Season 3

September 25, 1989 – June 18, 1990


Season 4

September 24, 1990 – June 17, 1991

22 Responses

  1. Going to finish TNG ever? 😛 Its easily the most watchable (though my personal favorite is DS9) and likable of the Treks, and if you can get through the medicore slop that is Enterprise, I imagine TNG will be no problem for you. Btw, ever going to cover Voyager?

    • Actually covering Voyager at the moment. It just doesn’t have an index page yet because I’m not finished the second season. I’d expect to see an index page early next week, but you should find the reviews using the menu on the left or via the home page or via the search functionality.

      As for TNG, that’s probably going to be the last Star Trek property I finish. Finishing ENT in May, TOS in July, then running through DS9 and VOY from August.

  2. I’m dying for season 4 of next generation and DS9 season 5. If your reviews weren’t so awesome I wouldn’t be this excited. Lol what’s the ETA on these?

    • DS9 season five is completed and I’m almost half-way through season six. Although I haven’t updated the repository yet.

      TNG S4 will probably be a great deal later, once I finish Voyager, I suspect.

      • Serious? Voyager before TNG? Somewhere a little of me just died.

      • Ha!

        It’s more down to the fact that I started DS9, and I figured that the only way I’d cover Voyager was by pairing it with DS9. There was no way I’d ever justify coming back and covering Voyager as its own object.

      • That makes sense. TNG is more than a reboot of TOS, although it was desined for that purpose. It transcended it’s perameters, and became the most consistently watchable of the Berman era series’. For me, DS9 was watchable in spurts, but Voyager was never watchable.

      • Interesting. I think DS9 is as good as (perhaps slightly better than) TNG.

      • Seriously? Voyager before TNG? A little of me just died.

  3. I appreciate your insightful analysis. Your reviewes give added depth and meaning to each episode. I wish I could read your reviewes for seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7 as well.

    • Thanks Thomas. They are on the list! I am sorry, it has been a very hectic year. (I will also get back to Voyager hopefully before the end of the year.)

  4. Star Trek The NExt Generation was without a doubt the best of all the Star Trek TV shows, movies, and spin offs

    • I’d go with Deep Space Nine myself, but it’s a close-run race between them.

      • It’s not clear cut, as both have their strengths and weaknesses. I happen to prefer DS9’s general approach to stories and characters. I would say it’s much more consistent overall as well, as TNG’s first two seasons were utter disasters and large chunks of the 7th and 5th season were on the lower end of mediocre as well.

      • Darren, What’s the current scuttlebutt on when you might start publishing/posting ST:TNG Seasons 4-7?

      • I don’t know. I wish I could tell you, but my schedule is sadly insane at the moment.

  5. Would love to read more TNG reviews…

  6. I’ve been obsessed with your TNG reviews since I discovered them. I’m rewatching the shows then reading your reviews. I do hope you get back to season 4 soon. Thanks for your great writing.

  7. Darren, What’s the current scuttlebutt on when you might start publishing/posting ST:TNG Seasons 4-7?

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