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Following our Feed in Internet Explorer

Hey there. If you want to follow our feed in Internet Explorer (so you can be automatically updated when we add new content without having to check back every day), it’s fairly easy to do, just follow these steps…

01.) Access m0vie.wordpress.com in Internet Explorer

Just open our frontpage, or any other post or page on the site (you can even do it from here).

02.) Select the activated “Feed” button at the top of your browser

It should look like this:


Decide whether you want to add our Atom or RSS feed. We didn’t really know the difference until we found this handy article which outlines the features of either method of feeding for the nerds out there like us who enjoy this technical stuff. Anyway, it’s a matter of personal preference. Once you’ve selected your feed of choice…

03.) Hit “Subscribe to This Feed”

You’ll find yourself on a bare-bones page with a summary of the ten latest entries posted on the blog. At the top will be the option to “Subscribe to This Feed”, as below. Hit it.


04.) Confirm your Subscription

A little box will pop up asking you to confirm the name you want to give our fee and how you want to file it. Again, feel free to customise.


You’re about done, but you can still customise a bit more if the urge takes you.

The ‘feed centre’ can be accessed via the favourites menu in Internet Explorer or through the hotkey Alt + C. The list of subscribed feeds can be selected via the top of this menu, and once the user has drilled in, they can manually refresh the feed (two green swirly arrows – as seen below) to see if new content has been added.


You can also set the properties for a particular feed by right-clicking and selecting ‘Properties…’. Here you can set all manner of options, from the amount of items you wish to save for a particular feed (up to 2500) or how often you want Internet Explorer to check back for updates.


Well, we hope this was helpful. Feel free to trawl through the archives if the urge takes you.

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