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Who the Meme! Seven Movie Questions About Moi!

Hey, I’ve been tagged by the always fantastic Aidan at Cut the Crap Movie Reviews to take part in a little movie-meme-related madness. This time it’s an interview-style questionaire. Can I phone a friend?

Over dramatic? Moi? Never!

What was your first movie-going experience?

First I remember was seeing Richie Rich at the newly opened cinema in Accra in Ghana at the tender age of six or seven. In my defense, I thought it was crap even then. And yes, I used this fact in my last meme, but hey… there’s only so much trivia relating to me.

How many DVDs do you own?

About 600 – I regularly alphabetise them. I even have a Microsoft Access database of them. I kid you not.

What is your guilty pleasure movie?

Demolition Man. Be well.

You’ve compiled a list of your top 100 movies. Which ones didn’t make the cut?

Demolition Man. Probably.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I don’t know. I don’t like ranking stuff, as it’s so subjective – hence the lack of star ratings on my reviews and such. Maybe, I don’t know… I honestly don’t know what’s in my top 100, so I certainly don’t know what’s out of it.

Which movie(s) do you compulsively watch over and over again?

The Dark Knight, probably. Outside of that, I watch The Departed once a year with my girlfriend. Can’t turn off an Indiana Jones film once it has started (except maybe The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

Classics you’re ashamed to admit you haven’t seen.

Well, that’s cheating, isn’t it? Asking me to admit the unadmittable? No? Ah well…

I’ve actually seen very few classics. Gone with the Wind, Psycho, Citizen Kane (once I heard there was no cane, I was outta there). But I’m up to speed from 1970 onwards, I swear.

What movie posters are hanging in your room?

Watchmen, Brazil, Grindhouse and Metropolis. It’s an eclectic wall.

My turn to tag someone, so Ronan at Filmplicity and Olive at Movie News First.

12 Responses

  1. I got on a “Departed” kick there for awhile and watched it twice a week, sometimes more. But I usually fast-forward through the part where Billy gets iced. That has to be one of the most shocking movie kills ever. There’s no build-up, no music, no nuffin — just BAM! you’re dead.

  2. I only very recently saw Gone With The Wind (last summer). Just need to set aside 4 hours, that’s all lol 😉

  3. Wish I had a Brazil poster. That’s officially been added to the list.

    • My girlfriend sourced it from New York, so I can make some inquiries if you’re having difficulty (it was probably only so difficult to find here because Ireland doesn’t have the most vibrant poster-trade).

  4. I never finished Gone With The Wind no matter how good people said it was. Love story really isn’t my kind of watch

    • Yep – plus the fact that we all know that he doesn’t give a damn. It feels kinda pointless, dunnit?

  5. 600? That is simply incredible sir.

    I bow to you in awe, as I am not worthy.

    • Testament to a wasted youth and no fiscal responsibility. I haven’t even watched all of them.

  6. Damn son 600!!?!?? I gotta work on my stuf! Check out my questions here: http://dtmmr.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/seven-movie-questions/

  7. Nice choice of posters.
    Some day I’m going to purchase a Rorschach costume off Amazon and wear it daily.

    • Yep, but you need a gravelly sub-Batman voice to go with it. And some really melodramatic prose about abattoirs and such.

  8. Smyths Toy Stores sell voice changers. I was born with a face like an inkblot. And I can hire a team of cash-short English Lit PhD students, so that I may have figurative utterances a plenty.

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