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Clip from Devil

The guys from Universal Studios Ireland sent over the following clip from Devil. It’s part of a proposed series of films from M. Night Shyamalan that’s he’s deeming “Night Chronicles”. In fairness, the director’s stock has taken a huge fall from its peak with The Sixth Sense (although I’ll argue Unbreakable is his true masterpiece), but it looks like he’s taking something of a backseat on this production – it’s actually directed by Drew & John Erick Dowdle, the guys responsible for the quite good (but not a patch on the Spanish original) Quarantine. Being honest, it could go either way, but the premise – several strangers trapped in a lift and one of them may be Satan – is intriguing enough that it could be the horror hit of the year or it could be terrible.

I guess we’ll see… Check out the clip below.

Scott Pilgrim Treasure Hunt!

I just thought I’d pass on this sort of competition-y bit of news, because I’m a big fan of viral marketing. Anyway, the wonderful folks over at Universal Pictures Ireland have put together an internet competition – in fact, a “treasure hunt” – for on-line fans of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (which I wholeheartedly recommend), with the winner receiving a trip to Toronto. Check out their facebook page here.

If the entire movie had a sound effect, it would be "Awesome!"

Incidentally, yes, I originally hoped to be part of this treasure hunt – but it was not to be (difficulties with wordpress). You can still see little snippets dotted around the site which were meant to be part of all this – it’s a shame it didn’t work out. Ah well, maybe next time.

Non-Review Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

If it weren’t for Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World would be the most visually impressive film of year. Maybe it still is. This tale of adolescent irrelevence might have a bit of difficulty finding an audience, but it certainly deserves one – it’s a pure kaleidoscopic sugar rush of youthful exuberence and energy, all focused through a simple but effective emotional narrative. Indeed, perhaps its closest companion is (500) Days of Summer, the breakout romantic comedy of last year – except this time the emotional complexity is dialed down and the visual flair way up. And neither of those are bad things. In fact, as part of Edgar Wright’s latest film, they are actually quite genius.

Scott packs quite a (cup of) punch...

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Irish-Exclusive Get Him To The Greek Clip…

Thanks to the guys over at Universal Pictures Ireland, check out this Irish-exclusive web clip from the upcoming Russell Brand and Jonah Hill film Get Him to The Greek, the spin-off from the rather wonderful Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It is probably our most anticipated comedy of the year. Give the clip a look below, and put the candy in the jar. Parental advisory.