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Clip from Devil

The guys from Universal Studios Ireland sent over the following clip from Devil. It’s part of a proposed series of films from M. Night Shyamalan that’s he’s deeming “Night Chronicles”. In fairness, the director’s stock has taken a huge fall from its peak with The Sixth Sense (although I’ll argue Unbreakable is his true masterpiece), but it looks like he’s taking something of a backseat on this production – it’s actually directed by Drew & John Erick Dowdle, the guys responsible for the quite good (but not a patch on the Spanish original) Quarantine. Being honest, it could go either way, but the premise – several strangers trapped in a lift and one of them may be Satan – is intriguing enough that it could be the horror hit of the year or it could be terrible.

I guess we’ll see… Check out the clip below.

3 Responses

  1. I agree that it’s been downhill for M. Night since Unbreakable. I’m so tired of seeing this trailer, it’s like every movie I saw has this in it! It’ll be a skip for me as it makes me claustrophobic to watch it. I’ll just tune in your blog to find out who the Satan is 😉

  2. It does look interesting and I’m kind of glad Shyamalan is not directing. I agree that Unbreakable is his best film but he’s fallen off the crevice of his own rear lately.

    Only noticed this because the film came on Sky Premiere this week but the 2007 Blackout seems awfully similar to this. Haven’t seen it yet though.

  3. …having watched Blackout – which was rubbish – I’m guessing these two films are completely different apart from the setting.

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