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March (2011) In Review

That was a fun month.

I’m still, to be honest, entirely speechless. I picked up the Best Pop Culture Award at the Irish Blog Awards earlier this month, and I’m still delighted and humbled and honoured and all those things. I know I don’t blog to win awards, but I really feel motivated to try even harder to justify the huge vote of confidence that it represents.

Other than that, there was tonnes of stuff. I’m currently blogging along with Things That Don’t Suck‘s  “Raimi-fest”, which is a blast. Always a joy to be asked to take part. March also had some fairly decent films – with two brilliant films in Source Code and The Adjustment Bureau, along with a slew of quite good films to go along with it. So that was pretty fantastic. Although maybe I’m just a big softie.

I got to ramble (at length) about the upcoming Superman film, and revisit Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (and just why he was so damn suited to it). I had my first honest-to-goodness interview, with the wonderful Grace Dyas.

I defended big budget blockbusters, wondered who killed The Mountains of Madness and got to discuss why this year’s Academy Awards felt like a great big group hug.

It was a fun month. Hopefully the trend will continue!

We Won the Pop Culture Award at the Irish Blog Awards!

We won the Best Pop Culture Blog prize at the Irish Blog Awards! I had a “Melissa Leo” moment at the podium (it was the first award of the night and I was really not expecting it), so I thought I might clarify some of my thanks and articulate them in a more sophisticated fashion.

That is, one which isn’t a deep piercing sound growing from my lower gut which sounds a little like the opening notes of the CSI: Miami theme song.

I’d like to thank Damien and the team for organising the awards. It’s deadly. Recognition is great when it comes from anyone – be it your boss telling you “you really synergised that paradigm!” or a conversational drunk at your bus stop telling you that you smell like the first roses of spring – but it means a lot to come from the people who do what you do. People who know what it’s like to stare at an empty page and wonder “what the hell am I going to write now?” or “there’s no chance anybody will ready this!” Recognition from people who do what you do, and are the best at what you do, means a lot. This was the last awards that they will organise – so it means a lot to have won.

I’d also like to thank my fellow nominees. They really are a stunning bunch, and it was an honour to be nominated alongside them. If you haven’t checked them out, you should:

Also the sponsors, movies.ie, who make this possible. Thanks for sponsoring the category.

And, of course, to the person known anonymously on this blog as “better half.” Thanks for your continuing support, honest opinions and well-practiced typo-spotting (not that it’s too difficult).

And, to you guys, for reading and commenting. I honestly appreciate every opinion I read here, and you guys make the blog what it is. Thanks guys.

We’re an Irish Blog Awards Finalist!

We made the final of the Irish Blog Awards in the Best Pop Culture category. It’s an honour to be nominated again, and we’ll see you all for the final in Belfast next Saturday.

It’s an honour to make the final alongside such Irish blogging institutions as:

A huge congratulations to those who made the final list, and commiserations to those who didn’t.

February 2011 (JDIFF and For the Love of Film Noir) In Review…

Hey, I’ve been shortlisted for two Irish Blog Awards, Best Pop Culture Blog and Best Arts and Culture Blog. I’m honoured and delighted to make the shortlist which is, as ever, populated with some of the best Irish talent around. Anyway, February was a busy month, what with the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and the For The Love of Film Noir Blogathon going on. And I had my 1,000th post.

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the m0vie blog: 1,000th Post Spectacular!

I know it’s just a number, but I’m still proud of it. We’ve been going just under two years and it’s been a wonderful two years at that. This week alone I’m doing my bit to help restore a classic film (The Sound of Fury) while taking a look at classic neo-noir (an oxymoron? perhaps, doesn’t make it untrue) – to say nothing of being longlisted for several prestigious Irish Blog Awards (including best post, best pop culture blog and best arts & culture blog). Next week I’ll be blogging at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival – including Japanese gangster film Outrage, Spanish thriller Agnosia, Irish horror Wake Wood and the premieres of Unknown, The Adjustment Bureau and many more. Oh, and I’m popping up as an Oscar pundit in the Metro next week as well (and honoured at the invitation from Ross & Ross).

You know what? I love it. I can honestly say that this blog has allowed me to embrace my love of film that I never would have otherwise. I would have still been a film buff and film fan, but I don’t think I ever would have grabbed film in such a strong and aggressive way. It’s been a pleasure to write for this blog, and I am honestly thankful for everyone who has clicked across it: those who liked, those who hated it – those who offered honest sage advice on how to improve.

Thank you, all, for popping by. It has been my pleasure to have you. So, whether you’re a casual reader you clicked on the headline, or somebody who checks the blog a few times a week, thank you so much. The joy I get out of this is the chance to engage with other people.

My head is full of lofty ambitions – I suppose that everybody’s head is. The thing that I aspire to is to get somebody to read one of my posts, scratch their chin and go, “you know, I never thought of it like that.” If I can do that for even one reader, I’m a happy man. (That said, if somebody wants to offer me a job where I can do this for a living, I won’t say no.)

A very special thank you goes out to all those who have been so supportive about this whole blogging thingy, especially when it interferes with real life. Especially the better half, for her patience, consideration, wit and wonderfully constructive (but never mean-spirited) criticism. If it’s witty and you read it here, I probably stole it from her.

Anyway, it’s just a number. The world keeps spinning. Here are some other statistics, since we’re in a numbers mood this afternoon:

  • 654 (days blogging)
  • 1.52905 (average number of posts per day)
  • 10.7 (average number of posts per week)
  • over 1,500,000 (words blogged)
  • 1 (number of Stetsons I own)
  • 2 (versions of the film Watchmen I have seen)
  • 6.2 (average number of minutes between random film trivia)
  • 8 (items in this list)

Thanks for checking us out, and stick around. We’re got some good things on the cards for the next little while here.

Other random things that happened in the world on 17th February:

  • Prohibition formally ended in 1933, the first edition of Newsweek was published the same day
  • Robert K. Preston stormed the White House in a helicopter (twice) while Nixon was in Florida in 1974
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt was born in 1981, Michael Bay was born in 1965 and Michael Jordan was born in 1963

March in Review

It’s been a hectic month. A fun month, but a hectic month.

We somehow made the finals of the Irish Blog Awards. Don’t ask us how. Culch.ie were the deserving winners, but we were just thrilled to be nominated. We also published our 500th post.

We celebrated the 75th birthday of DC Comics with a week reviewing the still rather young medium.

The twin releases of Alice in Wonderland and Shutter Island got us pondering if we gave established directors like Scorsese and Burton too much kudos. We had the pleasure of an evening with David Cronenberg. Yes, it was awesome. We even took the opportunity to ponder whether Alice, as reimagined by Tim Burton, was a feminist icon.

Outside of that, we wondered if moral guardians were overreacting to Kick-Ass and mourned the loss of the glimmer of darkness in animation (what might be deemed “Dark Disney”).

The Hurt Locker (seemingly against its own stupidity) won the Oscar. Sandra Bullock won me over. Is she indicative of a trend of older leading ladies?

It was a good month and a fun month, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. There were some very good movies released over the course of March, which has traditionally been seen as a dumping ground for crap movies, but I’ll post about that next month.

Next month, on the 11th of April, you can look forward to Desert Island DVDs, a cross blog promotion being organised by the amazing Andy (see, it’s alliterative!) at Fandango Groovers asking bloggers to pick their must-have movies. If you’re interested in taking part, let him know. It’s nice to see that sort of community. Now, if I can figure out what my eight films will be…

Congratulations to Culch.ie and Panti and all the other winners at the Irish Blog Awards 2010

Just retiring after the Irish Blog Awards. Congratulations to the rather fantastic Culch.ie, who claimed the top gong in our Pop Culture category and Ms. Panti, our fellow nominee who took away the Best Blog Post Award for “No More Mister Nice Gay”. It was nice to meet the lads from e-Dublin as well, who were being ridiculously professional filming the night (I may have given a confuddled three-second clip) and also just really cool guys. Good hussle. All are well worth a look if you have a moment.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow. Congratulations to the winners, thanks to the organisers and host (Mister Rick O’Shea) and it wouldn’t it be great if the Pop Culture category next year featured Bosco? If only for the acceptence speech. Awesome.

Thanks for a great night and congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Good hussle.

We’re an Irish Blog Awards Finalist…


I have no idea what to say. We have somehow, against incredible odds, been singled out as one of the five best pop culture blogs based in Ireland by the Irish Blog Awards.

Artist's rendition of author's emotional state right now. Note: Knowledge of method acting techniques might be slightly exaggerated.

To give you an idea of the kind of talent we’re up against, check out my fellow nominees, most of which are longterm fixtures of the Irish Blogging Landscape. I used to read several of these long before I even dreamed of starting up my own little corner of pop-culture-stream-of-consciousness. It’s a cliché to say you’ve been nominated against your idols, but it’s true. A less smaltzy way of saying the same thing is say that, if you can judge a man by the measure of his opponents, we must be doing something right. Check them out:

And a quick shout out to all the dudes and dudettes who took the time to judge. Not just this blog, but the hundreds of others. That takes a lot of patience and we’re glad you all put the time in. Thanks.

And check out our category’s sponsor, Insure.ie. They’ve also invested a lot of time and faith in this whole blogging thing and it’s great to see web companies – particularly Irish webcompanies – investing in an Irish online community. Thanks.

I’ve been emotional enough here, I reckon. I just want to say that I never really imagined that this blog would every really come to much when I started it last May. It was just a place for my random rants about whether bloggers should be considered legitimate critics or whether Hollywood respects its elderly stars. I want to just thank every person who takes the time to read a post – whether they think I’ve somehow said something that might be relevent or they think I’m talking out of a hole other than my mouth – and those who have shown support and encouragement. Yes, you. The person reading this now. Thank you.

And I want to thank those who put up with all my mindless real-world-based, pop-culture-related ranting for years before I started this. You guys know who you are. Especially my significant other. Who has the patience of a saint. Thank you all. 

I’m probably overdoing it, but I figure – in honesty – I’m punching above my weight in this category, and this post feels like the appropriate place for the well-deserved ‘thank you’s. I am honoured and chuffed to have made it this far at all. It has been a pleasure – I hope some people have enjoyed this half as much as I have. I hope to be attending the ceremony in Galway next Saturday, which should be a great night.

I’m going to say it once more: wow.

Looks like we made it…

the m0vie blog has somehow made it through the first round of judging for the Irish Blog Award 2010 to the (not-too-)shortlist. Don’t worry, we have no idea how either.

Sean-Penn-ness may have been exaggerated... But barely...

Anyway, we have to pick a category by Friday at 3pm. We’re nominated in:

  • best newcomer
  • best pop culture blog
  • best entertainment blog

February in Review

Wow, that month just flew…

Anyway, it was the month that we learnt that Christopher Nolan would return to Gotham, and take control of the Superman franchise. We had a few ideas on where David S. Goyer should take the big blue superhero.

It’s Oscar season! For the record, I have €10 bet with my brother. He has his money on Avatar and I have mine on The Hurt Locker. Only a week to go! Anyway, we pondered all the old-timer love on the acting nominations, the revamped Best Picture category and whether Paramount should have backed Star Trek instead of The Lovely Bones. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, eh? And are the Razzies, of all insititutions, out of touch?

We also wondered about the death of the tradition romantic comedy (although it seems to be clinging to life stubbornly) and whether 3D will become the de facto manner of film making for all films, not just blockbusters (think Frost/Nixon in 3D).

We vigorously mocked the rumoured plot details of Captain America: The First Avenger – while pondering if the world was ready for a black Captain America. The John Krasinski rumours would suggest not. And is Iron Man 2 the closest we’ll get to a Dark Knight sequel anytime soon?

Oh, and we got longlisted for the Irish Blog Awards. Thanks to all who nominated us.