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Congratulations to Culch.ie and Panti and all the other winners at the Irish Blog Awards 2010

Just retiring after the Irish Blog Awards. Congratulations to the rather fantastic Culch.ie, who claimed the top gong in our Pop Culture category and Ms. Panti, our fellow nominee who took away the Best Blog Post Award for “No More Mister Nice Gay”. It was nice to meet the lads from e-Dublin as well, who were being ridiculously professional filming the night (I may have given a confuddled three-second clip) and also just really cool guys. Good hussle. All are well worth a look if you have a moment.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow. Congratulations to the winners, thanks to the organisers and host (Mister Rick O’Shea) and it wouldn’t it be great if the Pop Culture category next year featured Bosco? If only for the acceptence speech. Awesome.

Thanks for a great night and congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Good hussle.

9 Responses

  1. Bummer. man. You’ll get ’em next year!

    • No worries, the guys who won deserved it and I was punching above my weight anyway. This is one of the few times when anyone will actually say that just to be nominated was enough.

  2. Thanks Darren! Was great to meet you – did you see a nice pic of you being interviewed at http://www.facebook/edublinblog? 🙂

  3. See you at the finals next year! 😛

  4. Frankly, I still think we were lucky to get it. I’m absolutely thrilled. Darren, we’ll have to grab a coffee/pint at some stage. You Dublin based?

  5. Really should have made more of an effort to bump into each other. Will have to at some point.

    • We should have – apologies. It was a good night though. Loved the smoke machine trouble at the start. Rick O’Shea as the Great and Powerful Oz.

      • Yeah I was at the front row, coughed and splutteted s bit with the smoke at the start but rick did a great job as always.

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