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March in Review

It’s been a hectic month. A fun month, but a hectic month.

We somehow made the finals of the Irish Blog Awards. Don’t ask us how. Culch.ie were the deserving winners, but we were just thrilled to be nominated. We also published our 500th post.

We celebrated the 75th birthday of DC Comics with a week reviewing the still rather young medium.

The twin releases of Alice in Wonderland and Shutter Island got us pondering if we gave established directors like Scorsese and Burton too much kudos. We had the pleasure of an evening with David Cronenberg. Yes, it was awesome. We even took the opportunity to ponder whether Alice, as reimagined by Tim Burton, was a feminist icon.

Outside of that, we wondered if moral guardians were overreacting to Kick-Ass and mourned the loss of the glimmer of darkness in animation (what might be deemed “Dark Disney”).

The Hurt Locker (seemingly against its own stupidity) won the Oscar. Sandra Bullock won me over. Is she indicative of a trend of older leading ladies?

It was a good month and a fun month, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. There were some very good movies released over the course of March, which has traditionally been seen as a dumping ground for crap movies, but I’ll post about that next month.

Next month, on the 11th of April, you can look forward to Desert Island DVDs, a cross blog promotion being organised by the amazing Andy (see, it’s alliterative!) at Fandango Groovers asking bloggers to pick their must-have movies. If you’re interested in taking part, let him know. It’s nice to see that sort of community. Now, if I can figure out what my eight films will be…

February in Review

Wow, that month just flew…

Anyway, it was the month that we learnt that Christopher Nolan would return to Gotham, and take control of the Superman franchise. We had a few ideas on where David S. Goyer should take the big blue superhero.

It’s Oscar season! For the record, I have €10 bet with my brother. He has his money on Avatar and I have mine on The Hurt Locker. Only a week to go! Anyway, we pondered all the old-timer love on the acting nominations, the revamped Best Picture category and whether Paramount should have backed Star Trek instead of The Lovely Bones. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, eh? And are the Razzies, of all insititutions, out of touch?

We also wondered about the death of the tradition romantic comedy (although it seems to be clinging to life stubbornly) and whether 3D will become the de facto manner of film making for all films, not just blockbusters (think Frost/Nixon in 3D).

We vigorously mocked the rumoured plot details of Captain America: The First Avenger – while pondering if the world was ready for a black Captain America. The John Krasinski rumours would suggest not. And is Iron Man 2 the closest we’ll get to a Dark Knight sequel anytime soon?

Oh, and we got longlisted for the Irish Blog Awards. Thanks to all who nominated us.

January in Review

What a month it’s been. This is our monthly post where we round up the best of your coverage/opinion/randomness for you to sample.

We’ve had the inevitable Oscar build-up (the announcements are on Tuesday!) leading us to wonder if Inglourious Basterds has a shot at a nomination or even a win and whether a nomination or win Avatar could honestly be considered a sign that AMPAS has moved back in step with the masses (and if you could make an impartial argument that it deserves the win).

Spider-Man is getting a reboot – and we’re not really too excited about the idea – and we took a look at the Vatican and its history with cinema, what with its recent reengagement with popular culture.

We got some kudos this month, being listed on Total Film’s Top 600 Movie Blogs (woot! cracked that ceiling!) and picking up a Kreativ Blog Award. Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards are now open if you feel like throwing our name in the ring for anything (best newcomer or pop culture, maybe?)

November in Review

It was a relatively quiet month, maybe because Christmas is already being pushed down our throats, maybe because of a million and one things going in the real world.

On the home front, we considered the rant against the ‘hypocrisy’ of Pat Kenny.

Internationally, we looked at the notion of retirement in Hollywood (and why everyone should have three or four) and the on-going craze adapting video games. And is the new series of V really a commentary on Obama-mania?

We also discovered the only object which could withstand Roland Emmerich’s apocalypse in 2012: Mecca.

October in Review

It’s been a busy October – perhaps too busy. I’ll be taking a step abck from blogging a bit in november (a few posts a week, certainly not anywhere near two-a-day), just with reather hectic stuff going on in the world around me.

Anyway, it was a quite a fun month – who doesn’t like Halloween? We had our own runup to Halloween with Screen Scare Week, which was a selection of random scary movie related articles, which were fun and are well worth a look.

Outside of that we looked at a variety of movie related phenomena, from the protest by the director of The Godfather III that cinema was being ruined by continuing failed attempts to replicate past successes and I wondered what it takes to force someone to turn off a movie.

I wondered if Anton Chigurh (yes, the guy from No Country for Old Men) was in fact an angel (it’s not as crazy as it sounds). And Up got me thinking about how Hollywood treats its elderly.

I wondered about the “twitter effect”, whether I should read the novels upon which films are based before reviewing them and I vented a bit on my dislike of reality television. I also wrote a bit about the new blogger guidelines stateside.

It was a fairly solid month around here.

September In Review

A look back at a wild September, with some of our more notable articles.

We celebrated the end of this year’s summer season, and it was meh. But seriously, are movies getting too long?

An article looking at whether bloggers are/aren’t/could ever be critics made the front page of WordPress, which brought lots of traffic and, more importantly, a lot of discussion.

Another piece that got people talking was a discussion over the ending of the Usual Suspects wondering if we’re sure we saw what we saw.

And we lamented the passing of another month without and Batman news by looking at whether Two-Face or the Riddler should appear in the next film…

August in Review

It’s the end of August, so this is just a round up of some of the more interesting stuff that popped through my head during the course of the month – hopefully it’ll make things easier for anyone navigating the blog’s archives.
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July in Review

Oh what a month its been.

It was the month of Comic Con – where nothing too surprising happened, but we did get excited about Tron: Legacy despite the length of time since the original. It also saw Marvel cement the details on The Avengers and Captain America movies.

The BBC broadcast Torchwood: Children of Earth – and it was good. Still, a minority of fans were seriously uncool, forcing one of the writers out of cyberspace. I think the miniseries might have been about the recession. Also, the new Doctor (Matt Smith) started filming and got us thinking about Stephen Moffat’s first season.

It was a year since the release of The Dark Knight and the 70th birthday of the character of Batman, so we took a week to celebrate various aspects of the character.

We also looked at great ways of advertising classic movies.

June in Review

Hey, I thought in might be handy if I did a little post at the very end of every month that sort of picked out (from my own point of view) the highlights, so someone trawling through the archives has a handy little guide right at the top (but if you want to jump in wholesale, go right ahead).

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