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June in Review

Hey, I thought in might be handy if I did a little post at the very end of every month that sort of picked out (from my own point of view) the highlights, so someone trawling through the archives has a handy little guide right at the top (but if you want to jump in wholesale, go right ahead).

This month saw one of the most bittersweet film stories I’ve ever heard following young Colby Curtin.

It was also a month of revivals, with Universal resurrecting the Bride of Frankenstein and The Creature From The Black Lagoon to compliment The Wolfman being released later this year. Kyle MacLachlin is also attempting to release new Twin Peaks on new media. That made our day and we’ll check it out if it ever comes to fruition. We also considered the 3D craze.

Frank Darabont (of The Mist and The Shawshank Redemption) told us why good films don’t get made – and Transformers  2 reminded us of that fact, forcing us to lament those mindless heartless box office blockbusters and also wonder what the modern critic is to do. Do they even have a function?

Finally, in superhero news, we pondered Mickey Rourke’s composite character in the new Iron Man film, discussed what happens if Christopher Nolan doesn’t return to Batman and got ourselves hyped about the upcoming Green Lantern film. We also hoped (vainly) that Bruce Wayne would remain dead.

The Oscars attempted to rejuvenate the formula. I don’t care about the Best Original Song, I’ve mixed feelings about the doubling of the Best Picture field and I don’t like cutting the Honorary Awards.

All in all, a good month.

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