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November in Review

It was a relatively quiet month, maybe because Christmas is already being pushed down our throats, maybe because of a million and one things going in the real world.

On the home front, we considered the rant against the ‘hypocrisy’ of Pat Kenny.

Internationally, we looked at the notion of retirement in Hollywood (and why everyone should have three or four) and the on-going craze adapting video games. And is the new series of V really a commentary on Obama-mania?

We also discovered the only object which could withstand Roland Emmerich’s apocalypse in 2012: Mecca.

October in Review

It’s been a busy October – perhaps too busy. I’ll be taking a step abck from blogging a bit in november (a few posts a week, certainly not anywhere near two-a-day), just with reather hectic stuff going on in the world around me.

Anyway, it was a quite a fun month – who doesn’t like Halloween? We had our own runup to Halloween with Screen Scare Week, which was a selection of random scary movie related articles, which were fun and are well worth a look.

Outside of that we looked at a variety of movie related phenomena, from the protest by the director of The Godfather III that cinema was being ruined by continuing failed attempts to replicate past successes and I wondered what it takes to force someone to turn off a movie.

I wondered if Anton Chigurh (yes, the guy from No Country for Old Men) was in fact an angel (it’s not as crazy as it sounds). And Up got me thinking about how Hollywood treats its elderly.

I wondered about the “twitter effect”, whether I should read the novels upon which films are based before reviewing them and I vented a bit on my dislike of reality television. I also wrote a bit about the new blogger guidelines stateside.

It was a fairly solid month around here.

September In Review

A look back at a wild September, with some of our more notable articles.

We celebrated the end of this year’s summer season, and it was meh. But seriously, are movies getting too long?

An article looking at whether bloggers are/aren’t/could ever be critics made the front page of WordPress, which brought lots of traffic and, more importantly, a lot of discussion.

Another piece that got people talking was a discussion over the ending of the Usual Suspects wondering if we’re sure we saw what we saw.

And we lamented the passing of another month without and Batman news by looking at whether Two-Face or the Riddler should appear in the next film…