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Subtitle European Film Festival, Kilkenny, 25th November – 1st December 2013

I just got this press release about the upcoming SUBTITLE European film festival being held in Kilkenny towards the end of November. I’m always a fan of European cinema, and nothing beats the ethereal atmosphere of a film festival, so I thought I’d pass it on. You can find more details about the festival and their line-up on their website here. I particularly recommend Headhunters and A Hijacking if you can get to see them.

The press release is below.


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Where Have All the Good Movies Come From?

I know I wasn’t alone when I claimed that this summer had been (with a few big exceptions) a massive disappointment for movie fans. In fairness, with a few bright spots, 2009 wasn’t exactly an above-average year either. However, myself and the better half have been going to the cinema fairly consistently over the past number of weeks and I have to admit that I’ve been more consistently impressed by films like The Social Network, The Kids Are Alright, Easy A and The Town than I have by any run of films in at least the last year. Is it just me, or are things finally looking up?

A veritable feast of good cinema...

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November in Review

It was a relatively quiet month, maybe because Christmas is already being pushed down our throats, maybe because of a million and one things going in the real world.

On the home front, we considered the rant against the ‘hypocrisy’ of Pat Kenny.

Internationally, we looked at the notion of retirement in Hollywood (and why everyone should have three or four) and the on-going craze adapting video games. And is the new series of V really a commentary on Obama-mania?

We also discovered the only object which could withstand Roland Emmerich’s apocalypse in 2012: Mecca.