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Non-Review Review: Dredd (3D)

It’s hard not to admire the modesty of Dredd 3D. The film doesn’t mess about, and it never aspires to be more than it is. Rather than trying to be anything more creative or important, director Pete Travis has opted to tell a relatively straight-forward action adventure that just happens to be set in the fascinating Mega-City One starring the delightfully straight-forward Judge Dredd. Dredd isn’t trying to save the world, to quell a rebellion or to embark on an epic quest. He’s just tied up in a murder investigation that went bad. Real bad.

In many ways the movie resembles its protagonist – for better or worse. It’s blunt, simplistic and ruthlessly conventional. It’s also violent, efficient and never anything less than what it claims to be.

Hm. We never quite find out if he has helmet hair.

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Non-Review Review: Bullitt

Let’s be honest. You’re just here for the car chase. You know the car chase. It must be really tough being a movie with an iconic sequence located about halfway through – perhaps that’s because you are inevitably built up through years of pop culture expectation. Don’t get me wrong, the central chase sequence is absolutely superb – to this day it remains one of the most gripping sequences committed to film – but I was perhaps expecting a bit more from the film that surrounds it. Bullitt is a fairly decent cop movie which just so happens to feature some celluloid magic in the middle.

A speeding bullitt...

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