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Look! Tim Flattery’s Batman Returns Concept Art! With Penguins!

The wonderful Tim Flattery has posted up some of his concept art from a whole host of his past projects, including Real Steel and Spider-Man 2. However, his concept work for Batman Returns caught my eye. Partially because I am a Batman fan, partially because I love Batman Returns more than most and partially because… well, penguins with buzz-saws! I’m waiting for the PETA complaints to begin. There’s also some concept art for the Batmobile from Batman Forever included below. Which is not the worst thing about that movie.

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Have a Look at Jill Thompson’s Sandman Movie Concept Art!

We’re big fans of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman here at the m0vie blog. It’s genuinely one of the masterpieces of the medium, and the perfect book to recommend to somebody who wants to see the very best work in the medium. There has been talk of adapting the story for film before, and I remember having nightmares about the damage that could have been done to it by an industry that hears “comic book” and thinks “superhero.” At one point Gaiman apparently read “not only the worst Sandman script I’ve ever seen, but quite easily the worst script I’ve ever read” attached to the project.

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See the Aborted Monsters Inc. 2 Trailer…

I’m a sucker for all things Pixar, so when this turned up on-line, I thought I would share it. Basically, it’s a trailer for the original planned Monsters Inc. 2: Trouble in Scaradise movie that was in development at the company few years back. It’s apparently radically different from the iteration of Monsters Inc. 2 that we will see hitting our screens next year, but the writers of the original film found some concept art that had been prepared for their draft of the film, and decided to give us a taste of what their version of the film might have looked like. I think it was interesting, but it does seem a little close to Toy Story 3 (with a child abandoning the objects of their fantasy), but perhaps I’m too harsh. Give it a look below.

Thor and Captain America Costumes Leaked On-Line…

I actually think these are both pretty cool and as reasonably faithful as a big screen live-action adaptation could be, but the costumes for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger have been leaked on-line. Click below for bigger images.

Source for Thor Concept Art: Cinema Blend

Source for Captain America Concept Art: Fused Film

I am actually quite happy with both, I think they are pragmatic adaptations of costumes which – while iconic – simply wouldn’t work in real life or on the big screen. It does seem though, in banishing the wings from the helmets of each hero (and Thor’s helmet altogether) that Marvel has a vendetta against feathers.

I am a little surprised that Thor hasn’t been “Ultimised” at all. The Marvel movies have shown a trend so far of trying to move iconic heroes more towards reality (or at least in the general direction) and I had kinda expected that Thor’s whole “Viking armour” schtick might be a bit much for mainstream movie-goers. I was kinda expecting something a bit more stripped-down, similar to the look Bryan Hitch gave him in the modernised retelling of the origin of the Avengers, The Ultimates, much in the same way that the movies have presented the Samuel L. Jackson version of Nick Fury, rather than the mainstream spandex-wearing version of the super spy – most memorably brought to life as David Hasselhoff, for those with a fondness for terrible movies.

Its hammer time...

Still, I’m just surprised. I’m certainly not disappointed. If Kenneth Branagh thinks he can pull this off, then, well… I trust Kenneth Branagh. Certainly more than I trust Joe Johnson.

Though the look above has kept the black “power” waistcoat (complete with bubbles), it’s more clearly influenced by the classic conception of the character, complete with chainmail armour and red cape. For those interested in nerdy nuggets of trivia, it’s the waistcoat which was the source of his power in The Ultimates, leading various skeptical characters to suggest that he wasn’t a god of thunder, just a nut job who had stolen some secret technology. This allowed the writer Mark Millar to explore the character’s divinity rather than simply throwing him into the mix with the other more technologically-driven heroes and skirting over the whole “a god walks amongst you” bit.

I’m now kinda curious about how Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull will look in Captain America. A red Skull is probably as least as difficult as that iconic red, white & blue uniform to adapt to screen.

Green Lantern Concept Art: Purple John Travolta Bikers From Oa!

You have to feel more than a bit sad for DC Comics – at least when it comes to their film adaptations. Their one on-going franchise at this particular moment is in limbo as we await news on the sequel to The Dark Knight. Superman has been sent back into temporary retirement after Superman Returns. Aside from the long-planned Green Lantern, the only other original DC movie we’ve heard about are rumblings concerning sequels and prequels to Watchmen – ironically perhaps the one project we don’t want. On the other hand, Marvel just rebooted their most successful franchise, have a sequel to a breakout hit coming out soon, have announced principle photography with Kenneth Branagh on another and will soon be announcing the cast of yet another – all building to a climax in 2012. And, against this, DC have… Green Lantern. Okay, admittedly I’m really excited about it, because the character has been on the rise of late and I’m glad to have a DC film that doesn’t feature Batman or Superman, but something struck me about the recently released concept art: doesn’t Sinestro look more than a little bit like John Travolta in Battlefield: Earth?

Somebody shares an intergalactic stylist...

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