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Thor and Captain America Costumes Leaked On-Line…

I actually think these are both pretty cool and as reasonably faithful as a big screen live-action adaptation could be, but the costumes for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger have been leaked on-line. Click below for bigger images.

Source for Thor Concept Art: Cinema Blend

Source for Captain America Concept Art: Fused Film

I am actually quite happy with both, I think they are pragmatic adaptations of costumes which – while iconic – simply wouldn’t work in real life or on the big screen. It does seem though, in banishing the wings from the helmets of each hero (and Thor’s helmet altogether) that Marvel has a vendetta against feathers.

I am a little surprised that Thor hasn’t been “Ultimised” at all. The Marvel movies have shown a trend so far of trying to move iconic heroes more towards reality (or at least in the general direction) and I had kinda expected that Thor’s whole “Viking armour” schtick might be a bit much for mainstream movie-goers. I was kinda expecting something a bit more stripped-down, similar to the look Bryan Hitch gave him in the modernised retelling of the origin of the Avengers, The Ultimates, much in the same way that the movies have presented the Samuel L. Jackson version of Nick Fury, rather than the mainstream spandex-wearing version of the super spy – most memorably brought to life as David Hasselhoff, for those with a fondness for terrible movies.

Its hammer time...

Still, I’m just surprised. I’m certainly not disappointed. If Kenneth Branagh thinks he can pull this off, then, well… I trust Kenneth Branagh. Certainly more than I trust Joe Johnson.

Though the look above has kept the black “power” waistcoat (complete with bubbles), it’s more clearly influenced by the classic conception of the character, complete with chainmail armour and red cape. For those interested in nerdy nuggets of trivia, it’s the waistcoat which was the source of his power in The Ultimates, leading various skeptical characters to suggest that he wasn’t a god of thunder, just a nut job who had stolen some secret technology. This allowed the writer Mark Millar to explore the character’s divinity rather than simply throwing him into the mix with the other more technologically-driven heroes and skirting over the whole “a god walks amongst you” bit.

I’m now kinda curious about how Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull will look in Captain America. A red Skull is probably as least as difficult as that iconic red, white & blue uniform to adapt to screen.

17 Responses

  1. yeah they look okay actually
    dont hold out much hope for the movies though

    • Yep, I’m already growing worried over Captain America. “From the Director of the Wolfman” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, is it? I am actually suspiciously hopeful for Thor, though. Branagh, don’t fail me now.

  2. That’s exactly what I thought Darren! Nice design-art but I couldn’t help but think it would totally ridiculous on the screen. Hope they find a way to not make them too cheesy looking but it could be hard with Captain America.

    • I still think Thor with his “golden hair”, red cape and hammer is going to be tough. Just desaturate Cap and I think audiences will accept him. I think they’ve done a decent job walking the line between the iconography from the comics and the demands of verisimilitude.

  3. Branagh has my confidence, but Johnston worries me. Thor should be the better film.

    • Yep, Branagh just knows what he’s doing and seems to be loving it. It’s weird to see a Shakespearean legend with so much enthusiasm for a comic book. He seems as cool as Patrick Stewart has become since Star Trek (he apparently used to be less cool, mocking the Doctor Who actors in the Royal Shakespearean Society for “lowering themselves”).

      On the other hand, Johnston seems to know little about the character and seems intent on focusing his interviews on what WON’T work and what he has to change, rather than actually seeming to be enjoying his job at all. that and his track record lead me to worry.

  4. While both costumes leave me somewhat underwhelmed given the nature of the images, I imagine I’ll find that they work much better in action in the theatrical releases of their respective films.

    • Yep, I’ll be waiting for more screenshots to give an idea of how they’ll look (and then trailers). I imagine we’ll see Thor trailers for Christmas.

  5. I can’t believe that after all these newfangled superhero / mutant based films nobody’s thought about doing a LOBO one? Didn’t read many comics as a kdis but Lobo was absolutely immense. Him and Venom.

    … damn, those would make two amazing films!

    • I remember there being talks of movies for those two, with Ritchie even attached to Lobo for a while. Then Holmes ensued.

  6. I’m not expecting a ton from either movie, but it’s hard not to get too excited. Especially when you see the costumes leaks like this. I particularly like the Thor one.

    • Thor was the movie I started out “meh” about, but the enthusiasm of Branagh and the fantastic casting has won me over. Captain America was the one I was really excited about, but I’ve been gradually worn down by the really crap plot that was leaked and Joe Johnston’s seeming lack of interest and generally dodgy track record.

  7. While I understand that it is just concept art, Thor’s looks like a friggin Halloween cosutme advertisement. hopefully the film translation will be alot better.

    Oh, and I couldn’t agree more about the Ultimate Thor look. That picture is actually what I use for an Avatar on some other sites, and I would be estatic if they made Thor look that dark.

    • Yep, I figured that it would help with suspending disbelief – “a god, a billionaire and a genetically-engineered supersoldier” sound like the sentence should end with “walk into a bar”. Still, I trust Whedon to integrate it and Branagh to make it work. I was honestly skeptical as to whether we needed a Thor film before The Avengers. I think that Captain America deserves a 1940s romp before being sent to the present day, but I really liked the mystery of how Millar introduced him in The Ultimates. Still, what do I know?

      • I keep forgetting that Whedon is doing the Avengers. It’s a match so perfectly made in heaven that I still can’t fathom out it actually came to be. I’m still in that state of deinal after something that is so wonderful happens that you haven’t quite realized it yet.

      • Yep. I don’t think it has been officially confirmed, but his brother (Zack) has cited it as the reason we haven’t heard any progress on the Doctor Horrible sequel).

  8. Actually, so did I, when i got to know the comic would be transformed to the film, i had many concerns, especially the personality of each character like steve roger and thor, after watching the film, i felt ok in the overview, now the civil war is coming soon, i have prepared a costume from cosplaysky uk, hope the film would be better.

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