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Non-Review Review: Dead Man Down

This is intriguing. Dead Man Down feels like a blend of a European revenge thriller with a more straight-forward American crime film. Director  Niels Arden Oplev has established his credibility with his work on the original version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, even it I am less fond of the film than most. His first America film is an interesting experiment, even if Oplev can’t quite pull it off as seamlessly as the material requires.

Dead Man Down buckles a bit under the weight of two sets of genre requirements. It is by turns quiet, withdrawn and introspective, but also loud, overwhelming and exposition-filled. These two facets of the film – feeling like the demands of a European film against an American mainstream release – seem to be at war with one another. The result is something that is more interesting than entirely satisfying.

They do make a bloody mess...

They do make a bloody mess…

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Iron Man 2 – Who Is Keeping Score?

Occasionally something small and quirky comes to my attention which I can’t help but post here. In this case, it’s a unique (and clever) way of advertising Iron Man 2. Sure, it would be better if they spelt Terrence correctly, but who am I to judge?I found this over on Rope of Silicon.

Non-Review Review: The Hunting Party

You can’t make this stuff up.

Another one of those movies we hadn’t heard about until Dad brought them home from the videostore, but this time in a good way. A look at the hunt for war criminals in the aftermath of the Serbian war, it’s glib and well-acted, if a little illogical and preachy in parts. As far as war-reporter films go, this one is solidly in the middle of the pile, but there are worse places to be.

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