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Iron Man 2 – Who Is Keeping Score?

Occasionally something small and quirky comes to my attention which I can’t help but post here. In this case, it’s a unique (and clever) way of advertising Iron Man 2. Sure, it would be better if they spelt Terrence correctly, but who am I to judge?I found this over on Rope of Silicon.

25 Responses

  1. Rhodey still seems like an interloper in these films. We’ll find out who won in Iron Man 3 (though I bet it’s still Marvel/Iron Man/Don Cheadle).

    • Yep, Terrence Howard just seemed too much like a stereotypical best friend, what with his making of excuses for Tony and existing purely to reassure him – although that may have been the way the character was written. Either way, I didn’t buy Howard as a military guy.

  2. Everyone seemed to love Cheadle in place of Terrence Howard, and I didn’t really. I grasped the friendship between him and Tony way more in the first film and definitely felt almost like he was a new character with Cheadle, who did a good job, but there wasn’t that connection between the characters. Just my thoughts.

    • A lot of people are echoing that sentiment. I thought Cheadle didn’t have much to do but neither did Sam Rockwell and at least he tried something. Personally I think the films could do without both of them.
      That pic is hilarious BTW, Darren! 🙂

      • Yep, I think Rockwell’s character had little-or-nothing to actually do (aside from function as a mirror to Stark), but his performance elevated it. Neither of the Rhodeys really did that for me.

    • Yep. I think Howard was effectively “Stark’s best friend” while Cheadle was “Stark’s military liaison”. You’re right when you say they felt like two different characters, but I thought Cheadle tried to channel Howard as much as possible – the script just had a different notion of the character.

  3. he’s a pretty badly written character to be fairness in the films – not much either actor could do with it. i probably prefer Cheadle as an actor but I though Howard’s Rhodey was more natural

  4. I agree with Ross, both films never really hit the right tone like the Rhodes in the comic books. Pretty funny picture though.

    • I’ll concede I have read relatively little Iron Man, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I imagine there’s much more to the character than what we’ve actually been shown. Otherwise… well, why would they be so keen to feature him?

  5. hold on a second, have two people in a row agreed with something i said?

  6. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

    I thought Cheadle was great.

    • I actually thought he was better – he felt more like what a “Rhodey” type character (balancing his military obligations with his friendship with Tony) – but I still don’t think he was fantastic.

  7. Word. This is SO good!

  8. Cheadle’s an awesome actor– perhaps better than Howard all around– but he doesn’t fit here at all. I never totally buy him as military, for one thing, but that’s probably personal perception. The real problem is that he never hits it off with Downey the way Howard did, which I took as something of a shock. Rhodes needs to be taken seriously as Stark’s best friend. I never for one second bought that these two actors had that relationship.

    Great image, but poor Howard. Guy needs a franchise. He’s not a household name just yet.

  9. Not to mention the double slap in the face of them spelling his name wrong!

    • Yep. If you’re going to punk him, do it right.

      Who am I kidding? I have no right to cast stones.

  10. Terrence still made out like a bandit off the first film, so that should count for at least for half points, out-negotiating the rest of the cast. Cheadle’s better at playing the soldier but he’s too sad on the inside, and Howard was just a little too dandy. Michael Jai White would have been too butch, but perhaps Idria Elba would have had the right presence.

    • Actually, Idris Elba would have been fantastic. The guy is doing a show for the Beeb at the moment – Luther – which is just a cop drama, but he (with some help from the rest of the cast, including Paul McGann and Saskia Reeves) elevates it easily. It’s a waste to see him doing stuff like Obsessed.

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