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Non-Review Review: Me Before You

Me Before You works better than it really should.

There are points at which this romance dips into mandolin melodrama and gets lost in pop music montage, perhaps even over-extending itself through a series of almost episodic adventures. However, the film largely works. A lot of that is down to its willingness to address a potentially problematic theme head-on, investing its central characters with a sense of agency and dynamism that powers the film. However, a lot of that is down to the charm and strength of its two leads, particularly Emilia Clarke.

"Tom Hiddleston thinks he's got this sewn up," think both leads simultaneously.

“Tom Hiddleston thinks he’s got this sewn up,” think both leads simultaneously.

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Non-Review Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman can’t help but feel like it misses the mark. Its intentions are clear, its objectives very firmly set. It’s an attempt to “reclaim” the age old fairytale for a more modern audience, to revisit all the tropes and the plot devices from the story we all know and rework them so that they speak to today. The result is a massive misfire, as the attempt to craft a feminist fable from the story of Snow White makes the same fatal misstep as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: just because you put a sword in the hand of your leading female, and just because she wears a suit of armour, does not immediately reinvent her as a feminist icon.

Not quite queen of our hearts…

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New Snow White and the Huntsmen Clips…

The guys over at Universal just sent on these three clips from the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsmen, the fantasy film starring Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. It will be released internationally next Friday (1st June). Check them out below. The lovely folks at Universal have also given us some prize-packs to give away. You can enter the competition here.

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