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New Snow White and the Huntsmen Clips…

The guys over at Universal just sent on these three clips from the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsmen, the fantasy film starring Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. It will be released internationally next Friday (1st June). Check them out below. The lovely folks at Universal have also given us some prize-packs to give away. You can enter the competition here.

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16 Responses

  1. Alright, I’m a 27yr old guy who thinks the whole “Twilight/Hunger Games/Red Riding Hood Let’s try and make Disney movies cool” thing is lame, but I’ll be damned if this movie doesn’t look really cool. I can’t explain it. I just know that I want to see this.

    • It’s probably going to be pretty and exciting with good performances and great CGI. If that’s your thing great. It’s just not what I look for in a movie but that’s just me. I am way out of the mainstream. I hope you like Cosmopolis.

      • Well, I’m not really a CGI fan when practical effects can be used. This one just looks like a really cool version of the story without being all “Twilight” about it. What is Cosmopolis?

      • It’s David Cronenberg’s new film. Been in development hell for a while. I believe that Colin Farrell was attached for a while, but it has been filmed with Robert Pattinson in the lead.

      • Argh! You lost me with Pattinson, but I’ll look it up anyway. Who knows? Maybe he’ll drop out.

      • It’s already premiered at Cannes, so it might be a bit late for that. The reviews don’t seem to be glowing sadly.

      • Yeah, I didn’t realize it was done already. I guess I might rent it.

      • Wow. Watched the trailer and I see that Mr. Twilight is in it. Looks like a great film (but I would have rather seen someone a bit more talented). I will rent this one. Thanks for the heads up!

      • I’m interested in Cosmopolis, but…

        … and I know this is an aesthetic thing…

        … I really dislike the fact that Pattinson’s name was placed above Cronenberg’s on the poster. I respect Pattinson for branching out as an actor and developing his range, but Cronenberg is one of very few living autuers, and it just smacks of cynicism to prioritise the poster like that. Still, I know it’s not a big deal, but it irks me.

    • Disney movies were always cool, I respectfully counter! But yes, most don’t need to be darker and edgier. But, if they’re done well, why not!

  2. I will see it when it comes to the discount theatre just to see Kristen Stewart. I think it was a good commercial choice for her, and maybe a good one for her change in image as lovesick Bella Swan. But I am sick unto death of these PC Feminist updated fairy tales. All the reverberating layers of centuries of folk tales gets buried in the ditch when they do this. And all the CGI involved takes it to another level of schlock. I am sure it will be pretty, exciting for the kiddies, and will have some very competent performances.

    Is this all there is nowadays?

    • Ah, each’s own, I suppose. I just see it as another inevitable updating and reinventing. Just like the tales evolved from their initial forms in the stories told by the Brothers Grimm to the more sanitised version we tell kids to these updated notions. I think it’s just the next step. Just as we changed certain details to make them more palletable, or changed the endings to avoid scaring our kids, I think that re-examining the roles of the female characters is just an extension of that – a reflection that the world has changed since these stories were written. Not that I think Mirror Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsman will ever become the accepted bedtime version of these tales, although I think that Disney reinventions have done a decent job supplanting some of the originals to modern families.

  3. Have you seen The Deep Blue Sea? Beautiful.

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