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Irish and UK Posters for Les Misérables

Universal just sent over these one-sheets for the upcoming Les Misérables, featuring Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman. It’s opening on January 11th, and I’m actually quite excited. Click the images below to enlarge.

Check out Mondo’s Dark Knight Rises Poster…

Mondo are great even if – as somebody who lives in Ireland – I’m relegated to simply posting screenshots of their distinctive alternate posters. They did a whole bunch of alternate posters for The Avengers, which were awesome. And they’ve done one for The Dark Knight Rises.

The artwork on this is by Jock, who is one of the most distinctive Batman artists working. If you want to see more of his work, you could do a lot worse than picking up The Black Mirror, which is also one of the finest Batman stories of the past few years. (If not, you know, ever.) Just sayin’ is all.

Lee Lucas Film: The Background Posters from Scott Pilgrim

I love little pieces of movie marketing magic – particularly those which offer little easter eggs of films coming out. It’s nice to have some hype material which manages to avoid spoiling the film, but also adds a little texture to the fictional universe. And so, from the minds behind Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, we have the fictional filmography of Lee Lucas, the second “evil ex” that Scoot must vanquish. Played brilliantly by Chris Evans in a performance that would make William Shatner blush (really, like Brandon Routh, he’s clearly having the time of his life), he’s a “sell out” – a skater turned movie star. And here are some of his hits – as presented by the guys at Empire. My favourite, and a movie which needs to be made now? Doctor Action.

“The good news is… you’re going to live.

The bad news is he is going to kill you.”

Click to enlarge.

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Where’s Your Head At? Floating Head Syndrome & Movie Posters

Iron Man 2 has had a fairly spectacular pre-release buzz going on. It’s the sequel to a beloved film, it’s got an all-star cast and two spectacular trailers. So the movie poster should be made of awesome, right? Em, not really. The first question which occurred to me was “where is Sam Rockwell?” The second question that occurred to me was “where is everyone else’s body?” Yes, the poster had succumbed to the dreaded floating head syndrome.

Should Tony Stark be more worried that Mickey Rourke is trying to kill him or that the lower half of his body has phased out of existence?

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Best Picture Poster Porn…

Here’s a little treat to get you in the mood for this evening’s festivities. BAFTA hired artist Tavis Coburn to basically design retro-style posters for their own awards – you know, like Turner Classic Movies did last summer. Since there’s significant overlap between the Oscars shortlist and the BAFTA shortlist, it’s a nice way to get yourself geared up for an interesting night. It’s a shame there isn’t an Inglourious Basterds poster, as that movie is arguably the best suited to a retro reimagining, but I guess the recent charity redesigns will have to do.

The posters are below. Click for bigger versions.

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Great Film Adverts Are Even Better…

I’m a sucker for great cinema. I’m an even greater sucker for ways of paying tribute to great cinema. Turner Classic Movies have launched their Summer Under the Stars season (where stars like Cary Grant and Sidney Poitier get a whole day dedicated to their classics over the month of August) with a variety of teaser posters which treat these movies as if they were brand spanking new. I have my own favourites of the collection after the jump, but it got me thinking about other great ways of advertising films. Not particular films, but cinema in general or classics. As an amazing experience.

I’ve come up with some great examples that I’ve been taken with lately.

If they showed these ads in cinemas, I'd be happy...

If they showed these ads in cinemas, I'd be happy...

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