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Great Film Adverts Are Even Better…

I’m a sucker for great cinema. I’m an even greater sucker for ways of paying tribute to great cinema. Turner Classic Movies have launched their Summer Under the Stars season (where stars like Cary Grant and Sidney Poitier get a whole day dedicated to their classics over the month of August) with a variety of teaser posters which treat these movies as if they were brand spanking new. I have my own favourites of the collection after the jump, but it got me thinking about other great ways of advertising films. Not particular films, but cinema in general or classics. As an amazing experience.

I’ve come up with some great examples that I’ve been taken with lately.

If they showed these ads in cinemas, I'd be happy...

If they showed these ads in cinemas, I'd be happy...

These are my favourites of the Turner Collection (I make it sound like an art gallery). The whole gallery can be viewed as PDF here



As for other examples, I love the way that Sky have taken to treating their movie channels. They are more-or-less silent advertisements with various beautiful shots of beautiful people or beautiful surroundings. Try it as a game, see how many of the films you can name:

I know, not all the movies are anywhere near classics (Sex and the City, Star Trek: Generations), but the moments work more effectively here than they do in the original movie. Plus, there are some moments which totally nail the power of cinema. The reflection of the flame from Blade Runner and Tony snapping on his mask and taking flight are what get me. Isn’t it amazing overall? Anyway, you didn’t come here to listen to me wax lyrical about this stuff.

Unfortunately, the advert has gone out of circulation (probably because some of the movies have been changed), and there’s been a replacement that’s been airing. This one is more focused on getting you to invest in High Definition:

Again, same dealio as the last one. Some movies just don’t belong (Mamma Mia, Speed Racer), but there are a few more even I don’t recognise here.

By the by, I would recommend High Definition for anyone who is seriously interested in movies, but it requires all the set up and equipment, so a random blog post is unlikely to convince you. Maybe I’ll do a less random blog post down the line.

Still, ain’t those beautiful?

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