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The X-Files – Miracle Man (Review)

The biggest problem with Miracle Man is that it’s a Howard Gordon script. I don’t mean to diminish Gordon’s contributions to the show. Gordon is one of the strongest contributors to this rocky first season (only Morgan and Wong can claim to be stronger, and they also have their misfires), and he – along with frequent partner Alex Gansa – seems to have the strongest grip on Mulder as a character. And therein lies the most fundamental problem with Miracle Man, the horribly clumsy and muddled ending aside.

Miracle Man feels like it focuses on the wrong lead. It tackles themes and subject matter the show would revisit more successfully in the years ahead, in episodes like Revelations and All Souls. However, the religion-themed episodes in the years ahead would typically focus on Scully – contrasting her religious faith with her scientific skepticism to provide Anderson with some of the best work she’d do on the show.

Instead, Miracle Man digs its character hooks into Mulder, tying back to the disappearance of Samantha for no reason other than “well, this story needs to be about Mulder for some reason.”



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Non-Review Review: Á Bout Portant (Point Blank)

This film was seen as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Point Blank is another one of those movies which snuck up on me a little during the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. I wasn’t expected to do anything more than kill a couple of hours with a French film, but was surprised at how energetic and engaging this little action movie is. In fact, it calls to mind some of Luc Besson’s earlier work, which is always a good sign.

A shot of adrenaline...

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