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Roger Ebert

I’ve been away for a while, with personal stuff, so this is quite late. Which is probably for the best, as I don’t think I can really say too much about Ebert that hasn’t already been said by so many more eloquent individuals all around the internet.

Roger Ebert meant a lot to me. It’s no real exaggeration to suggest that he was the first real American film critic that I noticed. Obviously, I grew up with British and Irish film critics on television and radio. I was fond of (and am still fond of) Barry Norman, Jonathan Ross, Mark Kermode and Dave Fanning among others. However, Ebert was the first American film critic who really resonated with me.


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An Evening With David Cronenberg…

The University Philosophical Society of Trinity College Dublin hosted an interview with David Cronenberg, the self-proclaimed “baron of blood” last night. I was honoured to be invited to attend (one of the perks of being an old hack, I suppose – I even got to dine with him beforehand) and it was a great informative evening for my inner film buff, as well as anybody with an interest in cinema. I’m sure they’ll have photos or recordings of the night up soon, but I thought I’d give my own impressions.

Anything but Depraved...

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