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The Joy of Movie Fest…

So, the inaugural Movie Fest is over. It was an amazing (and successful) attempt to bring pop film to Dublin, organised by Vince Donnelly and the team at movies.ie. Vince should really and honestly be proud of what he accomplished, because spending the weekend at the festival was the most enjoyable weekends I’ve had in quite some time. There’s something about that sort of communal celebration of cinema that makes these sorts of festivals and conventions so popular, the idea of drawing together movie fans of all ages and backgrounds to share in a unique experience. As a huge film nerd, I do have to concede a giddy thrill at the idea that this is “hardcore.”

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Non-Review Review: Cowboys & Aliens

This movie was seen as part of Movie Fest, the rather wonderful film festival organised by Vincent and everybody else over at movies.ie. It was well worth attending, and I’m already looking forward to next year. Good job all.

It’s a testament to Jon Favreau’s skills as a filmmaker that Cowboys & Aliens ends up as a watchable, if entirely forgettable, addition to an ever-growing summer schedule. The movie is plagued by fairly fundamental problems, from a miscast lead to a failure to follow through on an interesting premise, right down to being one of the more blandly predictable blockbusters in quite some time. Favreau plays the best hand he can with the cards he has been dealt, offering a passable imitation of Steven Spielberg, but the problem is that none of it adds up to a win.

Not quite a blast...

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Movie Fest…

I’m a big fan of the guys over at movies.ie, who have always been generally all-round awesome. This summer, the weekend of 13th and 14th August, they are organising their own movie festival in Ireland promising to be a real treat for fans of pop cinema. On top of all the clips and trailers from this year’s Comic Con (shown on a big screen, the way they are meant to be seen), they also have some nice preview screenings for upcoming movies, including  the Irish premiere of Fright Night (which my better half may be looking forward to based solely off the promise of half-naked David Tennant) and Cowboys & Aliens. I’m planning on picking up my tickets at the weekend. You can see more details, including the confirmed line-up so far, here. It’s always nice to see something like this happening here, and I have to admit that I am genuinely looking forward to it.

Daniel Craig is some cowboy...