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Son of Danse Macabre On Sale Now!

I’m not a big fan of using the blog to give endorsements on how to spend your money – after all, I’m not even sure I trust my own opinion, so why should you? – but this is too good to ignore.

The wonderful Bryce Wilson from over at Things That Don’t Suck has published his eBook, Son of Danse Macabre. Bryce is just about one of the best writers on horror in cinema that I know, and he has a passion that shines through in his writing. All that, and he’s a nice guy. It’s always great to see a guy like that get a break.

Besides, any affectionate reference to Steven King’s superb (if sadly dated) horror handbook Danse Macabre demonstrates that it’s starting from a good place. As an added bonus, if you buy the book, Bryce is willing to review a horror film of your choice. Now that’s service with a smile. I’m just hoping nobody nominates Crossroads. That film scarred me.

You can buy the book directly here, but I also think it’s worth taking a look at Things That Don’t Suck to get a feel for his style of writing. Think of it as a massive and entertaining free sampler. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Non-Review Review: The Evil Dead

This is a post as part of “Raimi-fest”, the event being organised by the always wonderful Bryce over at Things That Don’t Suck.

Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead is actually a pretty decent addition to the zero-budget teens-go-up-to-the-woods-today-and-are-sure-of-a-big-surprise subgenre. It’s a trashy horror which demonstrates a deeper affinity for the genre than a lot of other “video nasty” slasher films are prone to. However, while the film displays clear hints of the director’s developing skill, it still feels just a little bit too much like another random exploitation “schlock and shock” film.

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