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Trailer Park

I was delighted over the weekend to be asked to take part in a joint blog post with the rather wonderful Frank over at the Pompous Film Snob, outlining my favourite trailer and why. The article’s well worth a look and features some fantastic contributions. There’s a lovely selection right there. Anyway, he got me in the trailer frame of mind and I thought I’d maybe just post some of my favourite trailers for non-movie-things here, as a kind of a spin-off.

This post is rated "A" for awesome...

Let’s start with favourite trailer for a video game:

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a pretty awesome little video game. It isn’t revolutionary or half as emersive as Grand Theft Auto, but it has the distinction of being one of the very few licensed games which actually feels like the property it’s based on. You actually feel like you’re Batman, playing the game – which feels similtaneously like an interactive movie and interactive comic book. The fact that they drafted in the talent behind Batman: The Animated Series makes it even more awesome. Here’s the trailer:

And my favourite trailer which is actually a pitch for a non-existent movie:

Okay, so it’s not so much a trailer as a seven-and-a-half minute pitch starring Black Dynamite himself (Michael Jai White) and that babe from Star Trek: Voyager (Jeri Ryan), but it’s a fun little reimagining of the core concept which the director obviously really wants to make. It almost veers into parody with its hard-boiled attitude and grim ‘n’ gritty takes on various characters (particularly in dropping in taglines like “fatality” or “finish him”), but it looks like the director is at least attempting to do something with the premise (which is more than most video game adaptations). I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this get picked up, to be honest. Will the film be a masterpiece? Highly, highly unlikely. Will it suck? Quite possibly, but probably in a cult way. Would I pay to see it? More than likely.

Favourite trailer for a season of television:

This “coming soon” trailer for the rather fantastic fifth season of Doctor Who. It perfectly captures the essence of the show, particularly under the direction of acclaimed writer Stephen Moffat. It’s a modern fairytale about a young girl whose imaginary friend finds her again (“Anywhere you want. Anytime you want. One condition: it has to be amazing.”). How can you say no? Yes, it’s silly and overblown, but it’s also incredible. Oh, did we mention there’s one thing you never put in a trap?

Favourite trailer which codifies a whole bunch of clichés:

I’ve posted this before, but it’s just that good.

Favourite trailer to awkwardly accept that there are other movies you want to see more:

Because… well, it was kinda true at the time. But I think history has settled this debate.

Favourite trailer for a movie which relaunched a failed franchise:

Because – and let’s be honest here – most of us had given up on Star Trek, hadn’t we? And then this was released.

4 Responses

  1. Don’t have streaming video at work, so I can only guess at what those last couple trailers are for, but I saw that Mortal Kombat trailer and I am totally on board if that happens. Never been a huge fan of the games, but still, Black Dynamite’s involved, so it’s gonna be the bomb.

    • Apparently he thought it was a real movie he was making a teaser for – one he’d signed on as the lead for. I would have loved to have seen his face when he found out it wasn’t actually going to happen (at least for the moment). I do not envy that director.

  2. Never want to deal with a pissed-off Michael Jai White, ever.

    The 2nd Arkham Asylum teaser is good as well.

    • Yep, just a great game, the plays like a movie experience. it’s not the best game ever or anything as ridiculous (or even the most cinematic), but it has its character and mood down.

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