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It’s a funny world – Comic Con ’09 in retrospect…

It seems to have been a fairly average year at Comic Con – no big surprises (pleasant or otherwise), just solid confirmation of what us movie watchers had suspected all along. Contrary to what some suggested, apparently the Twilight fangirls didn’t ruin the experience for everyone. In fact, there were a whole host of fascinating insights on a whole slate of geek-interest projects. I don’t think anyone seems to have left particularly disappointed.

Fun with glow sticks...

Fun with glow sticks...

The exclusive footage from the big upcoming films – Avatar and Iron Man 2 in particular – seems to have gone down well. Iron Man 2 appears to have allayed the mild panic that gripped the fanboy world when Mickey Rourke appeared in screenshots as… well, something. Not that it really helped when he talked about being allowed to drink cocktails while making his armour. Anyway, the footage was apparently top notch and seems to have calmed down those increasingly worried voices about the film. I still think they might be cramming too much in, but I trust Favreau and Downey Jnr. to pull it off. Ah well, only ten months to go!

The Avatar footage managed to draw a whole load of varied but generally impressed responses – some people had their socks blown off while others were merely wowwed – but nothing more than we had been told to anticipate. Avatar’s release date is a lot closer than Iron Man 2 and there’s a lot more riding on it – some have put the future of cinema itself. Still, it looks like a decade of almost-retirement hasn’t dulled Cameron. And if you aren’t excited about Avatar, I don’t know what to do for you… maybe you’ll be happy to watch Titanic (again) in 3D?

Still, I was a bit amazed at how Disney managed to covertly acquire the 3D street cred from right under Big Jim’s nose. We might have suspected that Alice in Wonderland and Tron: Legacy were going to be big, but we had no idea how big. Watching the test footage (with added Jeff Bridges!) has made me want to see Tron: Legacy despite the fact sequels arriving twenty-odd years after the original usually aren’t too hot. As for Alice in Wonderland, the better half knows the classic far better than I do, so the fact she’s excited is a good indicator. I thought the trailer was a little Depp-heavy, but you can never really have too much Johnny Depp, can you?

None of the anticipated surprises really happened. There’s no Doctor Who movie – nor is David Tennant starring as The Hobbit. Indeed, the one huge potential suprise of the whole event – the confirmation the Batman 3 was coming from Gary Oldman – has subsequently been trashed by those in the know. Twittering apparently didn’t go supernova at Comic Con as industry experts seem to have expected it to. But Twilight was the most twittered-about movie…

Out of our depp...

Out of our Depp...

Ironically the biggest surprises came from the smaller panels. I’m surprised at the positive reception 2012 is getting, but I’m glad to see Zombieland getting a little love. The surprise pick of the Con for me (along with virtually everyone else) seems to be Hot Tub Time Machine. Even if you’ve never heard of it until now, you now know all you need to to start getting excited.

So nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering was learnt, really. The movies we expected to impress impressed. Nobody in the gee media circuit really bothered about Twilight – I imagine it’ll be a few years before fandom learns to integrate fully with the new demographic. Still, solid, but hardly explosive. Let’s hope the crop of movies introduced can do better.

One Response

  1. I think i had vaugely heard about Tron: Legacy before but after seeing the trailer (especially jeff bridges) I’m really excited to see it. I literally had a nergasm, shouting out “Avatar!” when I saw the trailer in theatres and i’m jsut as excited now.
    but i have to say, I think it would be nice, for a change of pace, to have someone else get the focus in Tim Burtons films, other than Johnny Depp, just for something new. But who am i to talk.

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