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Spider’s Webb – How is the Spider-Man Reboot Shaping Up?

It’s been two weeks since Sam Raimi and Sony parted ways over the now not-to-be Spider-Man 4 and the prospect of a reboot was first mooted by the studio. In that time we’ve had the opportunity to fully consider the facts and little bits of news have been dribbling out. I was initially dismissive of the reboot, albeit in a sort of half-hearted ‘what can I honestly do?’ sort of way. How have the various revelations about the new film – including the announcement of Marc Webb as the director of the project – affected my opinion of this potential 2012 tentpole?

My own spider sense is tingling...

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Spider-Man 4 Dies a Comic Book Death…

… but don’t worry, we’ll be getting a brand spanking new reboot in 2012.

Maybe they will even call it Brand New Franchise. As the word has spread like wildfire, apparently it’s all over. There will be no Spider-Man 4. All my villain-listing and Vulture-defending were in vain, as were my nervous anticipations of seeing John Malkovich with wings or the faint aspiration of seeing three solid Spider-Man films produced (it’s like a do-over for the last one). Sony have reached in panic for their giant reset button and announced that they will have a reboot in cinemas in just over two years. They have a writer, but no script, no cast and no director. That’s going to be a superheroic effort.

Spider-Man finds himself being strangled by Sony...

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The Vulture(s) Circle Spider-Man 4…

It’s been a while since I looked at the possible villains lined up for Spider-Man 4. With the shooting date drawing dangerously close, I’ve bowed out of all the rumours we’ve been hearing about the film – mainly about whether The Lizard would be appearing or who would be playing the Black Cat. But, as far as rumours go, this one is too juicy – and too close to the deadline – to avoid discussing. Basically two Oscar-nominated actors – John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway – are playing a pair of villains. Malkovich will be playing Adrian Toomes, and Anne Hathaway will be playing Felicia Hardy – but the character apparently won’t be sharing her comic book counterpart’s secret identity (the Black Cat), instead getting an entirely new secret identity (something called ‘the Vulturess’).

Somebody finally figured out that the only way to make John Malkovich more badass was to strap wings on him...

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