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Non-Review Review: Ice Age – Collision Course

Film franchises are delicate things. There comes a point at which certain concepts feel played out, at which familiar characters seem tired as they go through the proverbial motions. Over time, it can feel like a film franchise has done just about everything. It becomes harder and harder to generate conflict, to motivate the characters to action, to come up with credible stakes.

The art of franchise escalation is fine. It is more nuanced than most will readily acknowledge. Coming up with an organic reasons for an ensemble to reteam and embark on a new adventure can be tough enough after the original film, but it becomes a little exhausting by time that the fourth film rolls around. There is a point where even enlisting the audience feels like an insurmountable challenge.

Over the moon...

Over the moon…

However, there are film franchises that do manage to do this. After all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is comprised of over a dozen franchise films. The James Bond series is more than twenty films long, but it still periodically finds a new groove. It is not impossible for a film franchise to find new and exciting possibilities past its third entry. Even earlier this year, Creed is testament to the appeal of a new approach.

On the other hand, Ice Age: Collision Course is a film that opens with beloved squirrel Scrat hijacking a space ship while chasing his nut and setting an asteroid on a collision course with our protagonists.

Men and women of mist-ery...

Men and women of mist-ery…

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