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New Podcast! The X-Cast – Fight the Future Minute #82 (“Well-Manicured Truth I”)

So The X-Cast reached the end of the show’s fifth season, and approached The X-Files: Fight the Future. This naturally meant it was time for another breathtakingly ambitious project, so the podcast is going literally minute-by-minute through the first X-Files feature film. I’m joining the wonderful Kurt North for two brief stretches featuring the Well-Manicured Man.

Who doesn’t like exposition? Especially when it’s delivered by a veteran British character actor trying to cram as much as physically possible into the space between two set pieces? We’re in an incredibly dense stretch of Fight the Future in which the film tries to offer a cliffnotes of the show’s mythology for the blockbuster audiences watching in cinemas. The result isn’t always elegant, but it’s surprisingly effective.

You can listen to the episode here, or click the link below.


One Response

  1. Listening to this, I was reminded of one of the major problems I personally had with the movie. It had to function on too many levels. It had to work as the latest installment of a long-running television series that had numerous complicated plotlines and character arcs running through it. At the same time, it simultaneously had to be totally accessible to the casual moviegoer who had never watched a single episode of the television series. On top of that, I get the impression that it had to feel like it was an important chapter of the series but nevertheless also be superfluous enough that any fans of the TV show who did not see it could go from the last episode of season five to the first episode of season six and not miss anything significant.

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