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New Podcast! The X-Cast – Fight the Future Minute #81 (“Well-Manicured Car”)

So The X-Cast reached the end of the show’s fifth season, and approached The X-Files: Fight the Future. This naturally meant it was time for another breathtakingly ambitious project, so the podcast is going literally minute-by-minute through the first X-Files feature film. I’m joining the wonderful Kurt North for two brief stretches featuring the Well-Manicured Man.

The second stretch kicks off here, with a minute that is largely about building atmosphere and tension. It kicks off the second of the film’s extended sequences focusing on the Well-Manicured Man, but we have a little room here to talk about the actual film-making of Fight the Future, the small differences that distinguish the summer blockbuster from the weekly production of The X-Files as a television show – particularly the little flourishes of Rob Bowman’s direction that take advantage of longer production time and a higher fidelity format.

You can listen to the episode here, or click the link below.

One Response

  1. Fascinating listen.

    As a New Yorker, I can tell you that in real life Manhattan there are actually very few dark, narrow, grimy alleyways.The majority of scenes in movies or television set in dark, sinister alleys are all filmed in the same location, a place called Cortland Alley.


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