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Non-Review Review: The Price of Desire

This film was seen as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015.

I have been informed that reviews for The Price of Desire are embargoed, despite the fact it was screened as the gala opening of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015, a high-profile event with tickets available to the public that afforded the film a significant public platform. (In the interest of disclosure, I purchased my ticket with my season pass – purchased for €245. Individual tickets for this screening were €20.)  As a courtesy to any fellow reviewers affected by the embargo, I have taken down the review.

However, as the film is eligible for the festival’s “audience award”, I am leaving my rating in place.

All audience members are asked to rank films in the festival from 1 (worst) to 4 (best). In the interest of full and frank disclosure, here is my score: 1 thepriceofdesire1

6 Responses

  1. I agree. I was so excited to see this movie but I was left really disappointed. It was so totally indulgent and over analytical. I don’t feel like I got to know Eileen or what she created at all. Instead I saw sides of chairs and parts of tables. The movie zoned in on her love affairs as if there was nothing more to her than that. I really think the director missed a fantastic opportunity here by trying far too hard to be arty. What a shame. On the plus side Orla Brady was excellent and costumes and scenery were beautiful. This movie will appeal to those people that enjoy art which no one understands but which looks and sounds cool.

    • I am sorry to say, I agree. I had very high expectations of this film.I have written about the Eileen Gray story in the past and thought that this would be a great film that showcases a great female Irish designer and architect. Very high production values were not matched by the acting skills of some of the cast as played in this film(a bit iffy). A second world war scene with two German Soldiers and an officer at E1027 could well have been left on the cutting room floor. Vezelay, E1027and Cap Martin were the real stars. It was interesting that the Director, before the premiere showing, referred to the film as an ‘art’ film and that is what it is. I really wanted this film to succeed, perhaps I’m wrong and maybe it will be a great success. Maybe if it was re-cut it might work better. The film will certainly open up the Eilleen Gray story to a much wider audience. For those who know little about this extraordinary person, it will give them a glimpse and hopefully they will want to find out more.

      • I think that there is a workable film somewhere in there, but it desperately needs a recut.

      • “Very high production values were not matched by the acting skills of some of the cast as played in this film(a bit iffy).”

        Anyone in particular? Its a shame. I was really looking forward to watching it. I read the book “Eileen Grey: Her work and her world” by Jennifer Goff, so I was happy to hear, that there would be a movie about her. I have never heard, that it is possible, to have reviews hold back for a movie. Thats strange and not a good sign. Any news if that movie will be shown internationally?

      • No news on the release.

        To be fair, embargoes are fairly common in the industry. They typically stop the press talking about movies until that movie is released. After all, if we were all talking about how much fun Avengers: Age of Ultron was already, everybody would be exhausted by the time it came out. So they make sense from that perspective. Kind in mind, though, that these types of embargoes are only really of use with big films that people actually want to talk about. Smaller films are generally quite happy for any coverage or attention whenever they can get it.

        Unfortunately, they are also used to quell negative press. You can typically smell a bad film because the reviews will be embargoed until the day of release, to stop terrible word of mouth getting around about it. I can’t confirm or deny which category Price of Desire falls into, but the rating above perhaps gives the game away.

    • I’m just amazed that this was considered a suitable opening film. It was in no way suitable for that platform, as the embargo suggests.

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