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New Battleship Trailer

The guys over at Universal just sent on this latest trailer for their summer blockbuster Battleship. Being entirely honest, I’m not quite sold on the nautical adventure yet, if only because it looks a little bit too much like Transformers… but with boats. Still, I’m willing to be convinced, and I think the movie could work, if it manages to avoid the heavy-handed dour seriousness that sucked the fun out of Michael Bay’s film series. There is, after all, plenty of room for fun in blockbuster cinema and I hope this could offer the fun of something like Real Steel. Personally, I think it’d be worth it simply to hear Liam Neeson utter the line “they sunk my battleship” with the utmost gravitas. (I don’t actually know if he does, but that’s really been something I’ve been hoping for since he was cast. I’m actually 100% serious, I’m imagining the dramatic pauses and everything.)

Anyway, here the trailer is. Make up your own mind on it and let me know.

10 Responses

  1. It looks great to me. But, then, I love Transformers and big explosions.

    • I don’t know I think it might look a little too serious for me. I like my action movies with a bit of self-awareness to them. But, then again, get Neeson to say the line and I’m there.

  2. I’ve wondered why Peter Berg, who has done some very good dramatic films, would want to helm this film. Maybe he just wanted to play with big toys.

    • I always wonder about the trajectory of directors’ careers, if only because they are generally more subtle than actors. Gordon Green has been an interesting example, moving from George Washington to Pineapple Express. I reckon it’s the lure of a budget, the toys you mention, or maybe it’s just a way of doing something a bit lighter.

      • I respect directors who try different genres, like Ron Howard or Ridley Scott, but I get confused when a studio places a huge special effects action extravaganza in the hands of a director known for character dramas (look at the last couple of James Bond films, for instance).

      • I don’t know. I am eagerly awaiting Mendes’ James Bond. But this is a definite bolt from the blue, a very strange choice.

  3. Caught this in the cinema at the weekend, looks terrible, and worse still… NO HINT AT THE GUESSWORK CO-ORDINATE BASED GAME!!

    Too much CGI destruction, and there was a MASSIVE spoiler .

    I hate trailers.

    • Is the spoiler involving the fate of the captain? I figured he wasn’t in it for the long haul. I. just. want. him. to. say. the. line.

      Although, were I directing Battleship, it would go a very different direction. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, think Balance of Terror. Guesswork and tension and suspense and all that. Less (or no) aliens. Just two fleets at war in a storm or something. Or hunting an enemy submarine.

  4. WOW, I guess thank them for showing us it will not take place only in the sea.. So if it becomes such a massive attack shouldn’t The Avengers or The Justice League get involved? They both have a king of Atlantis on their team, this attack is bigger than the navy and the concept of the movie movie and title.. WTF?

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