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Meme of the Moment: Clockbusters

This is my new addiction. It’s a shame there’s only fifty films on a loop. Basically, the guys at Veer have reduced a tonne of classic movies down to three photos, and give you 60 seconds to name them. I’m quite proud that I got 47 out of 50 on my first pass – though it took me a while to get the last three. There’s a nice mix of obvious ones in there, along with quirky takes on popular films. If you’ve got a spare ten minutes this weekend, it’s a great way to spend it. Check it out here.

I do have one minor complaint. To avoid spoiling it, highlight the following: muscles + robo-face + furnace = Terminator 2: Judgment Day, not The Terminator (which ended on a factory floor).

Still, fantastic little game, and I’d love to see them expand it – because it’s crap being addicted to a game you can only play once.

89 Responses

  1. I got 47 too. I can’t seem to get the last three.

    What’s the one that seems like it should be “the Diary?”

  2. I cant get the one that has pictures of a samurai sword, headless doll and lightning… please help, it’s driving me crazy!

  3. Fun game. I missed the one with the burning tire/making out/clocktower; the jailed guy/desert island; old ugy/motorcycle/kid; and sword/doll/lightning. Any one have an idea?


    Back to the Future
    Shawshank Redemption
    Benjamin Button

    No idea about the lightning one

  5. 49/50… guy in a tux, guy playing piano, airplane? i know i’m going to kick myself…

  6. How about that one with the police lineup, the shadowed face, and the shipping containers?

  7. i cant get the
    yellow car/ guy / mo-hawk
    the gun/sins/package
    bow tie/bike lock/church
    red light/ duct tape/moon

    • yellow car/ guy / mo-hawk – Taxi Driver
      the gun/sins/package – Se7en
      bow tie/bike lock/church – Pee Wee’s Big Adventures (missed that one my first time around)
      red light/ duct tape/moon – Apollo 13

  8. anyone know about the bow tie/ bike lock/ alamo one? i’m stuck.

  9. Anyone know the one with the old man/kid, oil well and milkshake? Thanks

  10. Highlander is the only one I that I didn’t get. Good stuff.

  11. Darren — you’re absolutely right. We put the wrong Terminator title for the furnace clue. I’ll get that fixed on Monday. Thanks for pointing it out!

    ~ anders (from Veer)

  12. dollar bill, guy with briefcase running, hat… last one and cant think of what it is

  13. Kid with Toy soldiers/cowboy/space suit?

    Not the Right Stuff, not Space Cowboys … I’m really confused.

  14. Only one left – and it seems to be one everyone else got! Name Tag/Passports/Eiffel Tower. I know I’m going to kick myself –

  15. I should probably feel stupid not getting this one but:

    cliffs/pouch with rabbits feet (it looks like)/guy screaming with his face painted blue

    last one, cant get it…

  16. Yeah, so I had 48, figured out the Toy Story, but can’t get the wolverine/old guy/magnet?

  17. what is the one with the kids pennies and junk yard

  18. nevermind, I figured it out and I feel a little dumber for not figuring it out earlier…

  19. These are the ones driving me loopy:

    1. Airmail + Beach + Volleyball
    2. Mask + Bald Girl + Notre Dame
    3. Shhhh! + Beatdown + Soap
    4. Yellow house + Old guy + Balloons

  20. 47 of 50

    help me!

    old guy with cigar + brandy snaps + horse
    man with hat + digging on the beach + crates.
    sissors + coloured houses + pruned tree.

  21. Wat is the movie with a Cowboy+Shovel+Boxes?

  22. only two more….

    rabbit, little girl standing, and some tea?

    robots, desert, and space?

  23. Help? Guessing I’m not thinking hard enough!

    Surfer – Mask (Richard Nixon) – Sky Diving

    Cleaner – Math – Pyschology

  24. So glad I came across this site! Which movies are:

    1. firefighters/ ghost/ marshmallows
    2. sleeping businessman/ skyscrapers/ instrument

  25. I cant get the one with the Sword and armor/Ring/volcano I could swear it was THE LORD of the Rings but it wont accept that

  26. Can anyone help?

    1. jar with coins + kids walking on track + junkyard
    2. kids with a map + lighthouse + compass, knife, skull

  27. Down to the last one and it’s a woman in tall boots, the Beverly Hills street signs, and some chick in a limo…

  28. what’s the one with the pills, the guy getting kicked in the face, and someone holding a bent spoon

  29. gun- sins- fragile box
    watch- bus rider- spedometer?

  30. nice touch at the end, getting to choose your victory song. would definitely play again if there were more titles.

  31. Need 1 more
    Airmail, guy holding shoe, ball

  32. For the sequel: smoking gun , skull in armor, chainsaw???

  33. I got all the first one. cannot get the sequel.

    open mouth/elf ear/bug ear
    helicopter/surfboard/eyes above water
    lady in hat/milk/eye lash curler
    blade/barber chair/ground meat
    gnome/photo booth/eiffel tower
    kid with the tie/stick/ zombie head
    deserted gas staition/man with baby on shoulders/dome roof

    • bowling/bathrobe/bugear -> The Big Lebowski (?)
      open mouth/elf ear/bug ear -> Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan!
      helicopter/surfboard/eyes above water -> Apocalypse Now
      lady in hat/milk/eye lash curler -> A Clockwork Orange
      blade/barber chair/ground meat -> Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
      gnome/photo booth/eiffel tower -> Amelie
      kid with the tie/stick/ zombie head -> Shaun of the Dead
      deserted gas staition/man with baby on shoulders/dome roof -> Mad Max II: Beyond Thunderdome (?)

  34. the big lewboski one is not working??? spelling idk…..

  35. On the sequel, the only one I can’t get is guy with an oxygen mask, a flatlining monitor, and a little kid with a hoodie. Please help?

  36. cant get the one with the sheep laying in pasture/moth/jail cells… plz help

  37. The sequel. I need the answers please.:
    A christmas tree/ a thief/ kid
    Girls in a car/police car/grand canyon
    An open sign/grocery store/ movie store
    meadow/ball of baseball/constructor guy
    astronaut/king kong/the statue of liberty

  38. the man with the alarm clock x3, I can’t figure it out?

  39. Hey, Darren! The creative team behind Clockbusters (Uppercut http://madebyuppercut.com) just launched a new pop culture trivia game for one of our clients. It’s heavy on Hollywood, so your audience might like it. It’s called Super Groups and you’ll find it at http://minigroup.com/super

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