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It’s Back to the Future Day! (Debunked)

Today (6th July 2010) is a very special day. It’s the date that Marty McFly arrives in the future.

We have to go back, Marty!

Now, where’s my hoverboard?

Edit: Apparently it’s a big hoax. Got me going anyway, I should learn to be more skeptical of such things. The closest similar date is actually 21st October 2015, the date Back to the Future II is set.  Or we could just celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the first film. My bad, sorry!


10 Responses

  1. Tsk tsk tsk… 😉

    • I’m a little ashamed of myself. Let this post stand as a monument to my own unashamed naivity!

  2. Wonder were people in the BTTF marketing department responsible? It’s great advertising!

  3. It’s no surprise the hoax was started accidentally by a Total Film mistake. That magazine has been going down hill for years.

  4. You had me!

  5. I cannot express how cool it is that you remembered that!

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