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Uma Thurman’s Motherhood Makes £88 In It’s Opening Weekend…

It’s karma for Batman & Robin. It has to be.

Even the baby clearly wasn't on board for this marketing push...

People are already throwing mud, trying to assign blame. Seriously though, how can you only get 11 people to pay to see your film on the opening weekend? At a budget of $5m it wasn’t exactly a low-key independent film, and it was released in early March – just in time for Mother’s Day. It seems the perfect storm. How can a movie fail to make an impression so very badly?

It isn’t the fact that it’s crap, at least critically. Transformers 2 was pants critically, yet did the business. There are people who soak up the sappiness, and turn sexist drivel like The Ugly Truth is box office dynamite. An audience exists for this sort of film. In fact, I can see my mum wanting to see it already.

Still, 11 people. Get that number through your head and let it soak in. People mocked Watchmen for an opening weekend of $50m. £88 in total. That’s 11 people in the whole of the United Kingdom. Wow. Just wow. I don’t think I can process it properly.

All I can think of is that marketing failed. Drastically. There really isn’t too much to be said. I’m not going to proclaim the death of Uma Thurman as a star – I imagine she’ll be wanting Kill Bill, Vol. 3 sometime soon though. It’s not the end of chickflicks. The Bounty Hunter isn’t setting the box office alite, but it’s doing well enough. It’s just a fluke. It’s a quirky story which is an interesting read. It will be trivia in a few months.

In the meantime, I think this might be the most interesting story I’ve read in a while.

2 Responses

  1. Now that’s kind of funny. The movie made only £40K in the US and now £88 in the UK. What a waste of money. Guess I could this example to my movie star post LOL

  2. Amen. Apparently it’s not THAT bad, though. Still, not on my “to see” list.

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