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Sandra Bullock on the Razzies: Worst Film Awards Ever, But Thanks For the Statue!

You’re reading this asthe 82nd Academy Awards kick off, but perhaps the most interesting awards-related snippet occurred at the Razzies, the anti-Oscars which held their ceremony before the Oscars (in a calculated attempt to steal some thunder). Basically the Razzies pick out the worst-of-the-worst from the past year and give them the recognition they so sorely deserved. I am more than a little skeptical about the awards, given how they exist mainly as an in-joke, nominating the biggest flops as opposed to the real worst films of the year. In the tradition of Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock showed up in person to collect her award. As is the norm for such celebrity appearances, the crowd loved her. But what did Sandra really say?

Thanks a crateload... of All About Steve DVD's...

In fairness, there was a good bit of banter and good natured humour about how all she had to do to win the award was to show up, there was some rather obvious subtext going on, particuarly in a section removed from the official video of her acceptance speech:

“I brought the shooting script,” she added. “I’m willing to go through page by page, read the line the way I did it in the film and, if anyone wants to give me a line read of how I could’ve done it better…. We can do this till about 4 o’clock in the morning. Or you guys can just watch the movie and rethink your decision, and I’ll show up next year and we can go out for a drink afterward.”

She makes a valid point. It was a terrible film, but does that immediately make her performance a terrible performance? Surely we shouldn’t punish an actor for delivering an adequate performance in a piece of trash. Well, Matthew Goode doesn’t seem to think so. I actually agree with Bullock. An average performance in a terrible film doesn’t win an award by default – the same way that an average performance in a brilliant film doesn’t deserve an Oscar nomination.

It’s hard not to see the comment as a shot across the bow of the Razzies, a way of condemning the way they do business and also offering a defense of her own performance. Maybe there is no way she could have done better with the material. At least the Razzies took it in good humour, though I’m not entirely sure that they were aware she was raising a smiling and polite middle finger to the institution.

In fairness, she also calls out the film’s other nominations, including the Worst Relationship one:

“Again, if you had seen the film, seen it with your eyes, it’s pretty much a film about a woman stalking a man,” she said. “That doesn’t really set up the premise for a loving couple. So giving us the worst couple award is kind of duh.”

And she’s right, this is an organisation which nominated Sly Stallone and His Ego a few years back. But, then again, it’s an MTV-style category, hardly one to be taken seriously. Somehow I doubt receiving a Razzie hurts a film career in the same way that an Oscar helps it (and even that is up for debate).

Perhaps the most serious criticism, as far as a smiling curteous Bullock can deliver serious criticism, was of the film’s Worst Picture nomination. Bringing a crate of DVDs for the audience, Bullock none-too-subtly suggested that the members who voted hadn’t actually watched the movie. And part of  me thinks she might be right.

Kudos to Bullock. Without ruffling any feathers, she managed to fairly effectly undermine the fact she was receiving a Worst Actress trophy. Take that, Halle Berry!

4 Responses

  1. I saw All About Steve and although it’s an atrocious movie, Bullock still has to be commended for doing everything she can in it. I totally agree that being the lead actor in a terrible movie doesn’t the performance is terrible as well.

    • It always seems like the Razzies go for the easy and “big” targets, rather than the honest-to-god terrible films. I actually like Bullock more now as a result of that very dignified and polite way of defending herself without ruffling any feathers. I’m still not sure she deserved that Oscar, though.

  2. Wasn’t a big fan of Bullock up until yesterday when I saw clips of her Razzie speech and how down-to-Earth and funny she actually is in all her interviews. Surprisingly not upset that she won Best Actress, gave the best acceptance speech of the night. You go, girl!

    • Amen on that – I’m not as ticked off as I was when she emerged as the presumptive winner a few months ago. That woman has a gift for disarming conflict that is wasted on acting.

      And did anyone else notice how she remarked that singling anyone out on gender or race should never be tolerated… just before the Best Director nominees were singled out on gender and race?

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