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Who Lies About Seeing Dirty Dancing?

This was an interesting piece of news last week – a large number of us lie about the films we’ve seen, as demonstrated by a survey in the UK. Basically, a large number of us pretend to have seen movies which we haven’t in order to avoid appearing ‘uncultured’. There was a fair bit of focus on the fact that the most lied about film is The Godfather, but it seems to have gone unnoticed that the second most lied about film is Dirty Dancing. Even keeping Patrick Swayze’s recent death in mind (which probably happened after the survey was complete), why would you lie about Dirty Dancing? It takes a stuck-up film snob to judge you for not watching The Godfather or The Shawshank Redemption, two indisputable classics, but who in their right mind would complain that you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Dirty Dancing?

The time of your life, indeed...

The time of your life, indeed...

One Response

  1. This is funny, I would never lie about a movie I haven’t seen or a book I haven’t read. I guess, I’ve read enough books in my life to be able to honestly say “no, I haven’t read this one.” What goes about movies, I watch them very rarely, my friends know that and even don’t laugh at me any longer )))) now I wonder just how low should one’s self-confidence be not to be able to admit he/she hasn’t seen some movie?

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