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Toy Story 3D x 2

Hey, Disney, wassup? Seriously. I know I live in Ireland and that ripping off people is the norm, but c’mon? Everywhere else seems to be receiving Toy Story 3D as a double feature including Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in a four-hour epic? Instead, I have to fork out €10 twice to see two movies I’ve already seen and I can’t even make a decent weekend afternoon of it. We’re getting the first Toy Story rendered in 3D today, but we have to wait until Christmas for the second one.

Buzz isn't the only person the joke is on...

Buzz isn't the only person the joke is on...

I’m always ticked when I have to wait months to see good films, but this is a special case. Part of the appeal of the double feature was that the viewer only bought one ticket. It was practically a gift from Pixar, particularly as their next two animated films won’t be entirely original – they are sequels Toy Story 3 and Cars 2. It isn’t as though Pixar needs to give us a little something – they already have our complete devotion and trust – but it seemed like a really nice gesture when it was promised.

It also had the benefit of being released in Autumn, along with the dregs of regular cinema releases. Releasing the two movies back-to-back would have been the highlight of the season. Not that the first movie alone won’t be a highlight, but it’s like discovering Santa brought you a unicycle instead of that bicycle you really wanted. The sequel will now unfortunately arrive with Christmas, which is a shame as the cinemas will be starting to see a flood of Oscar contenders. Admittedly the recession means that it won’t be as flooded as last year, but there’s already enough to see without adding another must-see.

Part of the appeal of having both movies together is that I’ve never seena  double-feature in the cinema. Grindhouse was split for the European market, though that was understandable, in that the movie bombed at the United States box office. Still, I had to import the film to see it as intended, and I’ve never seen a back-to-back film in the cinema. It would also be nice to see a back-to-back film made up of two films of that calibre.

This is one of those little things that just gets me – like the staggering of trailers for example. Movie trailers. I’m a film fan. The release of trailers is a nice little bonus – like the first Watchmen trailer appearing with The Dark Knight. The first Toy Story 3 trailer is due before the double feature. Who bets that we’ll have to wait until December at least to see it? There’s no point – the movies are generally released close together, and though Pixar is an exception as often as it is an example, I can’t help but think that a potentially huge blockbuster like Toy Story 3 will open almost simultaneously. Why not trailers? It isn’t a huge thing, but it’s a naggy thing.

The worst thing about all this is that I can see any logical reason – beyond money – for doing it this way. And even if it were money, why not stagger the release dates in the States? How ironic that the staggering of television shows looks to be coming to an end, but the staggering of films looks set to continue.

Still, that doesn’t mean that I won’t see both of them.

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