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New Podcast! The Mondaylorians – “The Mandolorian: Chapter 17: Abe Lincoln’s Secret Skeleton”

This week, I had the pleasure of stopping by the podcast The Mondaylorians, hosted by Niall Glynn. I was thrilled to get to talk about the third season premiere of The Mandalorian, The Apostate.

It’s a lovely chat, full of tangents and asides, covering everything from the place of The Mandalorian in the Star Wars canon to the question of whether Jon Favreau is the nicest auteur working in Hollywood. We do also talk about the third season premiere of the show, and the various competing forces that seem to pulling it in various directions, and the question of how the show grapples with the pull of nostalgia and even if it has something to say about the current political moment. Also, we talk about the ethics of using dead bodies in statues.

You can listen below, click the screenshot, listen directly at this link or even listen to back-episodes of The Mondaylorians here.


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