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34. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (#43)

Hosted by Andrew Quinn and Darren Mooney, The 250 is a fortnightly trip through some of the best (and worst) movies ever made, as voted for by Internet Movie Database Users. New episodes are released every second Saturday at 6pm GMT, with the occasional bonus episode between them.

This time, James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Prophecised to lead mankind against the evil artificial intelligence Skynet in a post-apocalyptic battle for survival, young John Connor finds himself caught in a battle between two time-travelling assassins; one sworn to kill him, the other to protect him.

At time of recording, it was ranked the 43rd best movie of all time on the Internet Movie Database.

Show Notes:

2 Responses

  1. One thing people who didn’t live during this time may not know is that T2 was a HUGE movie at the box office. It was the biggest movie of 1991 and went on to pull in almost $520 million worldwide. Next biggest movie of that year was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with $390 million. I still consider this one of the best action movies ever. It was also the first movie to have a partially computer-generated main character in Schwarzenegger’s T-800 Terminator. Really cool stuff. Great review!

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