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The X-Files Reviews Master List

Our X-Files reviews are now more-or-less update, covering twenty-three years of the franchise and related materials.

Somebody got in contact with me to point out that there is not a complete list anywhere on the site of all the reviews and all the supplemental material in a rough “reading order” for somebody looking to get a sense of just what this project covered. So here that is. Think of it as a rough table of contents for our X-Files coverage, including every episode and various other goodies – crossovers, tangents, best-of lists, sister series, projects involving key creative personal.


The ordering on the list is approximate at best, but it does offer a sense of how various pieces of coverage relate to one another. As one might expect, the fourth and fifth seasons were very much the “peak” of the show and its coverage, with the various threads getting more esoteric from that point onward.

Just a quick thanks to everybody who read these pieces, commented upon them and engaged with them. Thanks to everybody who pointed me in good directions, and those who offered constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be back when the show is.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for putting this together. I have been trying to go through all the comic book reviews as I read the comics themselves and I would have to dig around the site a bit to find all the classic Topp reviews. I am just over half way done with Topps. I started Vol. 3 of and I am 3 stories into it.

    • Thanks Douglas. I hope it’s useful! The Topps stuff is probably never as good as it is in those first sixteen issues, which are among my favourite tie-in comics ever published. But Roxum has a number of nice stand-alone tales; I liked Donor a lot, as well as Remote Control, and the one in the woods… Be Prepared?

  2. Great work putting this together, I mean this is huge!, and by far the best and more complete reviews about this series. Do you remember the novels (circa ’95, ’96) mostly written by Kevin J. Anderson or Charles Grant?. I bought a couple of those back in the day.

    • I did think about it, but it was ultimately a timing thing, like not covering Breaking Bad or Intruders. Which I would love to, and might go back to do at some point.

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