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New Podcast! The X-Cast – Episode 80 (Chris Carter’s “The After)

Just a quick link to a recent guest appearance on a lovely bonus episode of The X-Cast, a great X-Files podcast run by the prolific Tony Black.

Taking a quick break from the show’s coverage of the second season, I chatted with Tony about Chris Carter’s pilot for Amazon, The After. The After is an interesting addition to Carter’s filmography, and in many ways prefigures the direction in which he would take his six-episode revival of The X-Files. We got to talk about all sorts of fun things, from Irish stereotypes to dead bees to capitalising most effectively on the lack of broadcast standards and practices. Check it out the episode here, or click the link below.

You might be interested in our reviews of IDW’s “season 10” of The X-Files:

2 Responses

  1. Fantastic conversation over a very odd and idiosyncratic hour of television. One thing you guys didn’t really discuss is how radically unlikeable all the characters were- with the exception of McCormick, I suppose- but that was the defining feature of the story for me. And apparently for a lot of other viewers as well. There were a lot of interesting and effective moments in the show (and of course the big reveal was pretty memorable) but I’m not sure if ensemble storytelling is Carter’s strength.

    By the way meaningful encounters in parking garages is another Carter evergreen, drawing on his Watergate roots all the way up to the audience with God in Improbable. Carter never throws a good idea out, does he? The parallels between The After and My Struggle 2 are too apparent to dismiss and play into your theory of the family reunion, since that seems to be where the Mulder/Scully story is headed if and when it picks up again.

    (But personally I’m perfectly content to leave it with the “and then everyone dies. The End.” end. I’m not entirely sure I buy Carter’s “cliffhanger” dodge, especially since he said in an early promotional interview for S10 that he had no intention of going back and doing another season, protesting that he was done with all that pressure).

    I can’t say I mourn for The After, the premise felt a little bit too Six Characters in Search of an Exit to me (incidentally I think the stereotyping was definitely intentional and the Twilight Zone could well have been a conscious influence) but it’s an interesting piece of work all the same. Not as interesting as your commentary on it, but hey…

    • Thanks Chris!

      Can’t believe I missed the incredibly obvious parking garage stuff.

      And it definitely is an interesting piece of work.

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