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Film Adaptation of the Play “Kursk” Streaming at the Space From Tomorrow…

Every once in a while, somebody passes on a bit of information to the site that I think is worth sharing, just because it’s kinda a little bit cool and a little bit fascinating. In May, the British Arts Council and the BBC launched The Space, an on-line hub for the arts – available to stream on-line for free. It’s an absolutely fantastic way of sharing the arts with people who honestly wouldn’t get a chance to see them otherwise. (Especially at the moment, when the economy is the way that it is.) Starting tomorrow, The Space will be streaming a film adaptation of a play Kursk, based around the infamous Russian submarine disaster.

Image: Kursk Photographer: Keither Pattison

Director Amanda Boyle, who worked on the BAFTA-award-winning television show Skins, will be bringing the play to the screen. The play itself has already toured to considerable international acclaim:

Kursk played to packed houses and received rave reviews twice at London’s Young Vic, on UK tour and most recently at Sydney Opera House. It was nominated for Best Touring Production TMA Award, Best Off West End Production at the Whatsonstage Awards 2009 and Best Design at the Evening Standard Awards 2009.

I think it’s fantastic that the play is being made available in such a way, making a piece of art like this accessible. I had a quick browse of The Space earlier, and there’s a wealth of interesting and intriguing stuff on there – including a Turkish adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Anthony & Cleopatra. It’s certainly worth checking out for anybody with an eye on theatre.

There’s also some ambitious plans in the works to create an event with more direct interactivity:

On Saturday 11 August audiences will also be able to experience a multi-camera livestream of the largest outdoor theatre event in the UK in 2012 as more than 1,700 local people, including the two casts of 250 community actors, will join forces with a large professional team to stage a unique adaptation of York’s Mystery Plays. The cast will be led by Ferdinand Kingsley, playing God and Jesus, and Graeme Hawley as the Devil.

That’s certainly ambitious, and I’ll be checking it out.

It really is great to see something like this made so widely available, and to see a service like this put to good use. Check it out. It’s well worth a look.

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