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New Pitch Perfect Trailer…

Universal just sent over the trailer for Pitch Perfect, the upcoming comedy starring Anna Kendrick. That alone makes it well worth a look, but I have to admit I am intrigued by the idea of a comedy set in the world accapella. I am not even being sarcastic – I adore that sort of music. I am not even kidding or being ironic. Check out Mike Tompkins’s work. Anyhaw, Pitch perfect is opening in October and is from director Jason Moore, who gave us the awesome Avenue Q. Anyway, here’s the trailer.

5 Responses

  1. Good trailer. Thanks. I like Kendrick too.

    • Kendrick is awesome. I think she’s due a phenomenal break at some point in the next few years. (I though Up in the Air would be it, to be honest.)

      • I was getting spyware/virus alerts all day from your site. I guess it got fixed. Whew!

      • Nuts. I hope it’s not my google ads or anything. Though they do seem to be down at the moment.

      • I know you get spyware from downloads and you do a lot of downloads but I am assuming they are legal. It is the illegal streaming ones that do it and the gaming. I got spyware from giving access to my new neighbor through my router. He obviously downloaded something he shouldn’t have, all young guys do it. My nerdy bf yelled at me for giving him access, got some of it off but told me once it’s in there your computer is fucked. So I can’t send any attachments because they are infected. Everything on my desktop is infected, so I can only do things through email where it all gets scrubbed. And site I go to is safe as long as I don’t send an attachment. All my pictures are fucked too. I can upload them to photobucket and flicker and they will get auto scrubbed there. I am not getting the warning from your site today, so I am assuming it’s clean. Probably it got auto scrubbed.

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