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Snow White & The Huntsman Trailer

Hi there. Just a quick one. The guys at Universal sent over the new Snow White & The Huntsman trailer earlier, and I’ve included it below. It’s certainly a bit darker and grittier than the other Snow White reimagining being released this year, Mirror Mirror. I’m actually looking forward a bit to both films, if only because they have two very distinct visual identities, and I am interested in fairytale reimaginings and deconstructions. I have to admit to quite liking the imagery with Charlize Theron in the bath of milk. While some might argue two Snow White films within the space of a month is over-saturating the market, I suspect make an interesting comparison. What do you guys think? The trailer’s below.

7 Responses

  1. As amazing as this looks, it feels like kids having fun with the Snow White lore. Kristin Stewart and Charlize Theron are not selling it in this trailer. Something about Theron is almost too… Pure? Her evil seems to be lacking. And Stewart as Snow White opposite Chris Hemsworth is like a chemistry experiment gone wrong. But I am interested to see how it unfolds on screen.

    • I know there isn’t a huge age difference between them, but he looks so much… older than she does. Which is strange.

      Theron, on the other hand, I am always eager to see, if only because I think we’re seeing her really develop as a fantastic actress. (I though Monster was excellent, but she’s been on fire of late between Young Adult and the lead in the upcoming Prometheus.)

  2. I think this one may have the Snow White battle in the bad already; I’m actually looking forward to checking this one out. Not so excited about Mirror Mirror though, even though Tarsem Singh directing probably means it’ll be visually great.

    • That’s the thing. Mirror Mirror looks like I’ll get diabetes from watching it, but Singh is such a fascinating talent when it comes to visuals that I’m actually fairly interested to see. Part of me suspects that it will at least look stunning, even if it’s not exceptional of itself.

  3. I much prefer what I’ve seen of this film over “Mirror, Mirror,” which looks to be silly, sugary escapist fare aimed at 13-year-old girls. Of course, that same audience will be interested in “Snow White and the Huntsman” because of Ms. Twilight starring in it. Of course, the irony with both films is that the actual quote from Disney’s “Snow White” is “magic mirror on the wall,” not “mirror, mirror.” Oh well.

    • It’s up there with “beam me up Scotty” as one of those phrases that got absorbed into pop culture without ever actually being spoken. I don’t know, I think Singh has a distinctive eye, so I’ll give Mirror, Mirror a bit of a chance, even if – as you note – it looks like somebody overdosed the cast on sugar. And this looks a bit interesting and ambitious at least. I’m not a fan of Stewart, but Theron is an interesting talent and I’m curious to see Hemsworth in both this and The Cabin in the Woods.

  4. Just watched the Mirror Mirror trailer and my excitement has grown for this take on it. The goofy, family friendly vibe of Mirror Mirror is too bright and cheery. The darker tone of Snow White & The Huntsman is definitely much more appealing.

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