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For the Love of Film 2012: Alfred Hitchcock Film Preservation Blogathon

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be taking part in this year’s For the Love of Film blogathon, organised by the Self-Styled Siren, Ferdy on Films and This Island Rod. A celebration of classical cinema, the event hopes to raise money to preserve and restore classic films that would otherwise be lost to the ages. This year, from the 13th May through to the 18th, bloggers from around the world will contribute articles on classic film, hoping to raise awareness and to raise $15,000 to make The White Shadow available to stream live for anybody with internet access. I am honoured to announce that the m0vie blog shall be proudly participating.

The White Shadow was directed by Graham Cutts, but is notable for serving as something of a launching pad for the career of director Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock served as writer, editor and assistant director on the project, which was arguably what led him to direct himself. The goal is to raise the money to record a new score written by Michael Mortilla and to arrange for on-line hosting of the film. The goal is to make it available for free on-line, so that everybody can share in it.

It’s a worthy goal, and I’m delighted to be taking part in this fundraiser. Last year, I posted two articles per day fundraising to preserve Sound and Fury. This year, I hope to be able to provide at least one piece of Hitchcock-related material for each of the five days involved. I’m trying to figure out my own angle to put on the material, but I have some ideas. Hopefully it’ll be worth the time and effort of everybody involved.

If you do feel like donating to this very worthy cause, the donation link is already active. You can find it here. Spread the word and feel free to join in for a week of Hitchcock this May!

5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great initiative, still have way too many unwatched Hitcock movies to catch up on!

  2. Darren – Delighted to have you aboard. Just one point of clarification. The film has already been restored. We will be funding the online streaming and score recording. By funding these aspects of the film, we will ensure than anyone with access to a computer can see The White Shadow with the kind of sound silent films always had–music. Access is the final piece of the puzzle – getting these films back in circulation!

  3. I didn’t know that Hitchcock had anything to do with that 70’s TV show about a white coach for a black high school basketball team. Oh wait…wrong “White Shadow.”

    But seriously, that’s great that you’re taking part in this. Film preservation is important as so many old films have been lost to time and poor storage (not to mention soles of shoes, as is illustrated in “Hugo”). The motion picture is the basis of modern culture, and if those old movies are not preserved, we will lose a part of ourselves that will never be recaptured.

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