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Joseph Gordon Levitt as Johnny Blake in The Dark Knight Rises…

There seems to a strange bit of symmetry here. The same night that I went to see Thor, starring a hero with a fictional identity of “Donald Blake” (which… sorta… makes a cameo appearance), Joseph Gordon Levitt’s role in The Dark Knight Rises is announced as the long-established Batman supporting character John Blake.

Wait, what?

Even I don’t recognise that character. Thankfully, Bleeding Cool have done some digging and they’ve come back with the secret origin of Johnny Blake. He shares a history with the Joker. Follow the link above for the complete story.

More (genuine) thoughts about this casting announcement probably next week (including the “Marion Cotillard really, really isn’t Talia… we swear!” bit), but enjoy this in the meanwhile!

Also, no confirmation that Zack Snyder’s Superman will see Lex Luthor take forty cakes (that’s as many as four tens!), because that would be terrible.

4 Responses

  1. JOKER, he has sick mind : p

  2. http://www.badassdigest.com/2011/04/19/breaking-we-may-have-discovered-the-truth-about-jgls-dark-knight-rises-character

    If “Ha ha! I’ve made someone cry!” doesn’t end up being uttered in Rises, I’m getting my damn money back.

    • Nah, I’ll settle for “Love? Congratulate Alfred for the acting lessons!” if Miranda Tate does turn out to be Talia.

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