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How Nicolas Cage Chooses His Movies…

As a movie fan who is amazed at how Nicolas Cage can alternate between fascinating films like Kick-Ass and Bad Lieutenant and pure dreck like Next, Knowing, The Sorcerer’s Apprenticewell, the list goes on… anyway, as a movie fan, I’ve wondered how no one has ever attempted to stop him from making terrible choices. Apparently the guys at College Humour have also pondered the question and here’s the fun result:

6 Responses

  1. You know what? I believe that’s a hidden camera catching how the Cage picks his roles. It has to be. If someone asked me if I wanted to be in a film called Bangkok Dangerous, I would say “uh, no, I’m good, thanks.” Wow. Thanks for the video. It made my afternoon a little bit brighter.

    Feel free to add to the conversation about action films at http://khocolatemoose.wordpress.com/

    I’d love to hear your opinions on the films, and often.



  2. Oh my God, my ribs are aching.

  3. Haven’t laughed that hard in ages.

  4. This is awesome!! I was going to post something about him tomorrow and now I have a hysterical video to go along with it (which I’ll link you with a credit). Thanks for posting…made my day:)

  5. I always thought he made his film decisions with some darts and a couple of Post-Its.

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